2013 Buick Encore Crossover SUV Video @ 2012 LA Auto Show

www.autobytel.com The 2013 Buick Encore is an all new vehicle that is based on the Opel Mokka subcompact SUV in Europe. This luxury crossover will be hitting showrooms soon but Autobytel got a close up and personal look at the 2012 LA Auto Show. Nick Richards from Buick tells us a bit about this new model called the Encore. The new Encore is the first compact crossover from Buick. This 5 passenger small luxury CUV is nimble enough for urban environments while retaining everything people expect to see in a Buick like: beautiful design, interior design, technology, cargo space, and a fantastic ride all at a great price point. There are a lot of consumers out there looking for a luxury CUV that is more compact and nimble than what is currently available. The first round of orders for this vehicle have exceeded expectations and both dealers and consumers seem to be really excited about the 2013 Buick Encore. See More Car Videos www.autobytel.com Join Our Facebook Page www.facebook.com

9 thoughts on “2013 Buick Encore Crossover SUV Video @ 2012 LA Auto Show

  1. seinsmeld13

    This is an awful looking vehicle! Any guy caught driving this should and will be castrated . Ugly ugly woman as well.

  2. SweetWife84

    dont be fooled by the smartass marketing managers, they dont know anything about this car but how to sell this to you. they can only read the spec. this is basically a Daewoo designed in Korea sold poorly across the world, as opel, Vauxhall or whatever, now Buick.

  3. David Halifax

    Finally GM makes a true compact SUV, this would be very popular in Canada. I wouldn’t pay the Buick premium though and probably consider the Chevy Trax.

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