2013 Audi A8L – In Depth Tour, Start up, MMI, Exhaust – Hilton Head, SC

Chad Dolbier gives a tour of the Audi A8L. Video in Laymans Terms for better understanding. Call today for Test Drive at 1(800)580-9165. www.AudiofHiltonHead.com newriverautomall.com www.facebook.com We can find you an affordable car, truck, SUV, or hybrid from our wide selection quality vehicles. We offer cheap cars and service to anywhere in the Lowcountry and Coastal Georgia.
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24 thoughts on “2013 Audi A8L – In Depth Tour, Start up, MMI, Exhaust – Hilton Head, SC

  1. LandRoverWay23

    i have a ’13 a8l with the v8. The V8 just seemed the best engine for this car. Similar performance with the W12 but with much better fuel efficiency and range. I had to order mine because no one had a fully loaded color combo that i wanted. Picked it up last month. Still getting used to all the buttons.

  2. Naif. Z

    The 6.3L W12 makes 500hp, 463ft-lbs, 0-60 in 4.4, with 17.5 mpg, dude why i have to worry about gas when i can buy it!

  3. 351460

    Dump these Audi turds before the warranty expires.
    The local dealer auction has a disproportionate number of Audis and Volkswagens every week–most of which have ABS or Airbag warning lights on, some have both.
    They go cheap due to the cost of repairs.

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