Ford Ecosport SUV video review from – Auto Expo 2012 Live reviews the Ford EcoSport SUV for India, unveiled by Ford at the Auto Expo 2012 . If you have car questions you would like answers for,…
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9 thoughts on “Ford Ecosport SUV video review from – Auto Expo 2012 Live

  1. Bhavesh Jhalani

    Have you called 8010-888888 to know more about ford and its cars.
    Welcome to 1st car buying help line.

  2. latinaeaponteb

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  3. vijayjanardhanan

    Expected to be priced around 9.5OTR for the petrol and 10.5OTR for the diesel.

  4. pawan mahajan

    good car!! will be great if price would be between 6-8 lacks!
    INTERIOR will be based on NEW FORD FIESTA

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