Lamborghini Urus Concept – Lambo SUV Revealed

Lamborghini Urus Concept - Lambo SUV Revealed

Lamborghini CEO Stefan Winkelmann says to be successful the company would expect to sell 3000 worldwide, nearly doubling last year’s combined sales of its V-…

25 thoughts on “Lamborghini Urus Concept – Lambo SUV Revealed

  1. hexagon523

    Yep, that’s right lambo, start making SUVs and tractors again because your cars are ugly pieces of shit anyway lol.

  2. mayfieldzemiliee

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    Hennessey Venom GT is actually a Lotus Elise with tuning parts. That’s no Production car, but actually some “mod Service” (redefinement) like we see in RUF for Porsche etc. that’s not a production car.

  4. greniersasherikae

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  5. Mark Olivares

    They shouldnt be charging more than 120K for this, it looks like a crushed range rover with a body kit! Looks like a mini suv but oddly shaped… either way I guess it looks pretty sexy… but the price is ridiculous, but then again this video doesnt give every detail… you know what nevermind

  6. shamikartostadok

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  7. David Crandall

    It looks stupid because you still can’t carry anything in it. Can’t use it for anything except dating.

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