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25 thoughts on “Lexus RX 450h SUV review – CarBuyer

  1. MrJeronimo94

    Ilike the exterior but the interior is just so badly made. Aluminium
    imitation in a car that cost around 70000€ ? ….

  2. Eds UKGamerz

    my parents bought one of these a few months ago and they use to own the
    previous generation rx400h. I asked them what they though about it now
    having owned it a few months and they said the 450h was better in EVERY way
    except the MPG figures. With the old car they got 33mpg which matches the
    official figures. Yet with this they are getting 33mpg when they should be
    getting 44mpg. I told them to press the “eco” button, not EV button and the
    mpg shot up to over 39mpg with a/c on!!

  3. PussMag

    is there a difference between UK Gallon and US Gallon? Apparently, 45mpg
    for a car this size would be HEAVEN in USA.

  4. allusefulinfo

    ure right. if you are gonna have to live with the thing AND pay for it at
    that amount, you should at least get a nice feeling while being inside.

  5. trololoPL

    Your last name is describing your opinions perfectly Mr. Wrong 😛 PS. I
    don’t feed trolls usually, but I made an exception especially for you 🙂


    If the V6 powers the front wheels and the electric motor the rear, then
    surely it will get catastrophic under-steer when accelerating hard?

  7. kwyantis

    I’m waiting for the new MDX. Lexus always seems to produce numb and boring
    cars. They seem too politically correct, you know? Like they don’t want to
    make much of a statement with their machines. Sure they’ve been trying to
    combat that over the last few models and by introducing the F range. They
    still come off a dull to this potential car buyer.

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