U.S. fatality rate for SUV crashes down by 64 percent

When large, truck-based SUVs collide with passenger cars or minivans, the results can be devastating for the occupants of the latter. But fatalities in such …

25 thoughts on “U.S. fatality rate for SUV crashes down by 64 percent

  1. vanhakaveri

    stupid myth? You know what, i live in Finland and when i was a kid we had
    snow this time of the year, now its just rain… its not a fuking myth

  2. Staytheredoggy

    no matter how smart the government and new car designs are, there is still
    that same person that drives an old ass suv or truck with out stabilitrak
    that could kill another innocent driver. forget emissions control
    standards, we can’t even get people to buy safe cars!

  3. cowlum1

    Essentially to small cars crashing into each other is safer for the
    occupants than two heavier vehicles (ofcourse its not that simple in the
    real world). but, if there was only one type of vehicle on the road, lets
    say a 1.5 ton Toyota Camry then the road toll would drop yet again. That
    being said, I beleive everybody should drive what they wish but should be
    moderately educated on the matter. These days SUVs are slowely turning into
    large cars anyway, engineers are engineering out the truck.

  4. mikkeljan

    We should use cars that release less CO2, ppl would love to use their big
    truck but let us be green, it is very important for our environment.

  5. Goodspittin

    My friends dad was in a “safe” car when a semi got sideways in front of him
    on the freeway and went under it. Funeral was closed casket. You can put
    all the safety features you want. Can’t stop people from dying.

  6. Olengher

    They will lose minimal off-road capability if they get lower while keeping
    other traffic safe and also the occupants of the SUVs.American type SUVs do
    not pass roll-over tests in Europe, not even the Japanese ones, it may cost
    more to do proper offroad, you may need an air suspension but it might save
    a life.Put that in balance.You have no business to be on the road in a car
    with that ride height.

  7. NKeen1000

    Um, how do you conclude that? Momentum? How about you hit an F-350 with a
    mini cooper and see how you fair. Probably a lot more likely to happen than
    hitting a tree. I’d much rather be in a suburban or a truck or something
    large like that. I’ve been in a crash where we hit a pole with a suburban
    and it broke the chassis. It put more pressure on the frame than it could
    handle and BROKE! And yet, no one in the vehicle was injured. Hmmmm,
    imagine that. We escaped unharmed from a large vehicle.

  8. BugThorn

    what the fu*k are these americans doing, comparing old volvo from year 2000
    (and without IC) with new american car in side impact wtf. Stupid american
    promo i want to see XC90 vs US Car. And find on YT roof strength tests, and
    see the plastic roof on US vehicles and compare it to XC 90 like Titan.
    Stupid comparing its nothing what was written under video. Why was old car
    Volvo and new Us, yea because if the old be US it will be total FAIL.

  9. LSx Sickspeed

    @ReflexEight So we should ban mid size cars while we are at it and all
    drive low-riding cars like Miatas.

  10. GemCat

    What happens when we need those large vehicles for cargo or towing? My dad
    would be screwed if he didn’t have his Silverado, she hauls lumber, fishing
    poles, raw materials for housing, etc…

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