Lexus RX 350 F Sport vs Cadillac SRX Luxury Crossover SUV Comparison & Car Video Review If you are in the market for a luxury crossover, there is a good chance either the Lexus RX 350 or Cadillac SRX is on your list of v…
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25 thoughts on “Lexus RX 350 F Sport vs Cadillac SRX Luxury Crossover SUV Comparison & Car Video Review

  1. Scott Wilkins

    And NO, the Lexus won’t last twice as long. Lexus’ major parts supplier
    today is GM. Get a clue folks. GM rocks.

  2. VWilliams411

    Since we had a problem with my Lexus transmission after 5 years (it went
    out totally and had to be replaced and Lexus would not help 1 cent and
    didn’t stand by us) we are never buying another Lexus again. It was an
    older model but still a brand new Lexus just the same.

  3. Ricky Amin

    why is he comparing a f sport rx with a srx cadillac it should be a reg rx,
    but personally i like lexus a lot more reliable than an american car

  4. SahijApple93

    Why don’ you guys actually drive it, and show us the inside. Everything
    else is good, but you guys are missing a key area for these reviews.

  5. Blackgam3r

    40k luxury care without Direct Inject? Not too sure about that. Much
    cheaper cars have had that for a while now.

  6. usadingo

    Cadillac’s look is temporary though. It’s tough to find any Cadillac over
    five years old that still looks good. Their designs instantly date

  7. usadingo

    Good to see you’re sticking with the award winners. You went from the best
    of the best in reliability to the top ten worst of the worst.

  8. catjewsus

    the thing about lexus’s it that they rarely ever fail, and are ranked #1 in
    reliability for countless years now. It also incorporate more advanced
    engine technoogy and mpg. Of course all cadillacs look fantastic and are
    sooooooo sexy looking unlike many lexus’s (lfa is exception)!

  9. Ben B

    I dont know about your dealer experience (like mentionned at the end of the
    video) but I usually prefer the one that wont cost u a thing during the
    time of your lease for your maintenance(Cadillac) then the one that you ll
    pay for (Lexus)

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