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Is the new 2014 Nissan Qashqai the best small SUV you can buy? Read our full review: Subscribe to our YouTube channel…

19 thoughts on “Nissan Qashqai 2014 review – Auto Express

  1. BuildersM8

    That’s all Londoners need, a longer, wider car for our already choked
    streets! I’ve got the original Qashqai 2009 model, and saw the 2014 model
    at the weekend. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good car, but it looks very
    similar to a Hyundai ix35 from the rear. Plus the Evoque style bonnet and
    Sportage inspired lights mean the new Qashqai is less distinctive compared
    to the original.

    The original blended SUV looks with a Focus sized footprint, and Golf
    beating desirability. I bought my Qashqai because of the height, it towered
    above all other C sector cars of similar money. That was a huge part of its
    appeal, however the new model is lower, more car like, almost conventional.
    The Qashqai deserves to do well, it is a good car, sadly the utilitarian
    yet strangely classy understated looks of the original have been lost.

  2. djd324

    @future62 I think this is the “new” rogue. (2014) at least the new rogue is
    canada looks the same as this 

  3. chann228

    Did he say what the engine was. I don’t remember him mentioning it before
    saying how much work it was to keep it going.

  4. IGotNuked

    I love how close this guy sits to the steering wheel. No matter what car,
    he sits two feet too high with his knackers brushing the bottom of the
    wheel in ultimate van man style.

  5. Alexandre Lebeau

    Looks a bit like the Ford Kuga from the back, anyway it seems to be a great
    car overall !

  6. Pienimusta

    Has it same feature as 2012 (or was it 2013)? Its stearing wheel comes off
    when you drive into traffic lights.

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