New 2014 Ford Explorer Sport Review and Walkaround

Today we got our hands on a 2014 Ford Explorer Sport edition! This SUV packs power, luxury, and many class exclusive features into a really nice looking vehi…
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25 thoughts on “New 2014 Ford Explorer Sport Review and Walkaround

  1. richie s

    I always see this car with the black grille and black accenting on the
    streets and hit the brakes because it looks a lot like an undercover cop

  2. michael bahm

    I love this vechicle. Such a great suv. I would suggest to ppl to get it or
    actually try it :p so slick and classy looking

  3. D3str0yEviI

    big dumb blue oval logo such an eyesore on an otherwise good looking
    vehicle. Ford needs to re-invent that. Only other worse is chevy bow tie

  4. joseph bonomolo

    I enjoyed the review. Maybe include you in the car driving? Otherwise,
    really enjoyed it!

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