Top 4 Brand New Small AWD Crossovers Driven, Tested & Reviewed

Top 4 Brand New Small AWD Crossovers Driven, Tested & Reviewed ) What’s the best Brand new small off-road worthy Crossover that you can buy? In other words, what’s the best all-wheel-drive brand n…
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25 thoughts on “Top 4 Brand New Small AWD Crossovers Driven, Tested & Reviewed

  1. MrCodythegreat

    should see what jeremy clarckson does with the CX5 on topgear. he drags a
    camper thru the woods and muck with it. was prety able there 

  2. buildmorefarms100

    CR-V is a Mommie mobile….psh…and 0-60 time in 14.84 seconds..zzzzz.
    Even the 2.0 Cx-5 was quicker than the 2.4 liter Cr-v…

  3. brocky

    Wait a minute. Did you guys just say of the CR-V:
    “It’s like a taller civic.”
    “Which means!! We get to go off-road.”


  4. light487

    Ok.. so for light offroad such as a on established camping trails when
    things get a little wet, the CX-5 seems like a great choice…

  5. killahjeep

    I own a mazda cx-5 2013 and I love it… in hindsight I wish I waited until
    the 2014 model that has the 2.5liter skyactive, or the soon to come diesel
    version. the 2.5 would give the extra umph to pass on the highway at
    speed.. I often find my gas pedal on the floor to pass slower drivers. This
    car is sporty, and quick off the line for an AWD. it’s spunky.. the engine
    just needs some more umph in the higher revs.. in the winter on the snow
    with the stock rolling treads (yokohama’s) the car drives much like my
    parents subaru’s.. and the ability to tow up to 2000lbs is an added bonus
    when I plan to get an ATV or two.

  6. armaan mahajan

    I am a gear head and I think the nissan murano would totally beat all of
    them you should check it out

  7. Justin Hereth

    one thing i don’t get! why does the acura rsx type s have a 2.0 ltr inline
    4 that produces a whopping 201 hp. why don’t they stick that k20a2 (rsx
    type s engine) in the Honda CRV? let me know what you think..

  8. matthew4388

    as I said, not everyone drives in the same environment as you. you brought
    up one day or two from 6 years ago where drivers of “real” suv’s and trucks
    had an advantage. here in Wisconsin, there’s maybe 1 or 2 days a year when
    I wish I had something better in snow, the other 363 days i’m fine with
    what you would call a “turd” which to you must be 99% of all vehicles made.

  9. SilentHill401

    The new CRV looks atrocious, but that new Mazda CX5 looks sleek and sexy.
    Just skip that practical Honda look, and go for something that really
    stands out, in a nice and stylish kinda way.

  10. Dave Miller

    A guy I know used to live in Wisconsin–he claims that the ground cannot be
    seen from November to early April most years. It stays cold and does not
    melt. On the occasion I mentioned, crews did not have the residential
    streets open for almost two weeks in some areas. And yes–I consider most
    vehicles turds-with the exception of certain makes & models built previous
    to 1995. I repair them all-and have for over 40 years–that is why I own
    and drive my chosen vehicles for very good reasons.


    Turboed cars arent slower based on elevation. Thats the benefit to having
    one living high in the mountains

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