Erlkönig – Prototype – Honda Urban SUV 2014 spotted on german Autobahn (08/2013) – Full HD

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22 thoughts on “Erlkönig – Prototype – Honda Urban SUV 2014 spotted on german Autobahn (08/2013) – Full HD

  1. Witt Tayatan

    Look at the size of the car!!!!! there’s no way it’s gonna be a city car
    like Honda fit. The position of turnning signal lights at the back, The LED
    taillights, the shoulder lines and the front grille style are the same as
    Urban SUV concept. So I belive that is the Honda Urban SUV.

  2. patwickgriff

    Something else interesting about this video is how you’re really having to
    push your vehicle just to keep up with the Honda Urban SUV. Wonder what
    engine is in the Urban SUV? It sure is able to move quite briskly.

  3. John H

    The taillights & much of the rear are covered in camo, the rear window,
    liftgate taillights & facia are spot on with the concept shown in Detroit.

  4. John H

    Looks very close to the concept which is a very good thing, it looks
    awesome, the concept could pass for an Acura btw.

  5. TippetyWhip

    That’s not the Urban SUV. It’s the new Fit, also known as “Jazz.” The Urban
    SUV will look like an SUV. Good quick response with the camera, though. Rgds

  6. KlumpfussProduktion

    Its not the Prototype! The sound came from our BMW M3. This is a
    performance car, it should be loud 😉

  7. John H

    For sure from the creases in the sides down to the door handles in the
    pillars on the rear doors, btw the 1.5 will be more than adequate power for
    this and returning exceptional mileage.

  8. KlumpfussProduktion

    Its definitely the Honda Urban SUV. Check the Concept Pics on our Facebook
    Page. The Front-/Backlights are the same.

  9. KlumpfussProduktion

    We think so. The Honda Urban based on Jazz/FIT. But it looks bigger and
    higher – like in the video.

  10. Brent M

    If its Comfortable…i’m 6’1″ 175lbs, it would be Perfect for me. I only go
    off-road about 3 to 4 times a year “camping”, but i live in a very snowy
    state. I don’t want or need a huge, over priced, expensive to maintain,gas
    guzzling SUV or Truck. My subaru just isn’t the quality of my last 2
    Honda’s and i want to go back to Honda. I did Not fit comfortable in the
    Honda Fit and I know this is based on the Fit… but it is bigger, So
    fingers crossed! Can’t wait to test drive one.

  11. wisniejt

    Thanks for the video of the Urban!! GREAT EYE on catching the “camouflaged”
    Urban!! I think your car sounds SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!! I keep rewatching your
    video of course to see the Urban, but too also hear your car:D:D:D:D

  12. KlumpfussProduktion

    Thx for your support and YES we love the sound too 😉 The sound came from
    our BMW M3 – there is a short teaser of the sound in our channel – more is
    coming soon! Hope you’ll check it out.

  13. Balram Singh

    Its back portion does not match with images released by HONDA at detroit.
    Are you sure its a urban SUV? To me its look Jazz/FIT

  14. patwickgriff

    The Honda Urban SUV is one beautiful vehicle! It looks WAAAAAYYYY better
    than the CR-V. Honda is going to sell a ton of these. Crank up production,

  15. Balram Singh

    I dis-agree, Its back portion/styling does not match anywhere to concept
    SUV. To me, its look like CRV (Or JAZZ) from back … Cheers

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