2014 Jeep Cherokee OFFROAD

The all-new 2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk model exemplifies Jeep 4×4 capability with a distinctive, aggressive look, backed up by Jeep Trail Rated hardware, f…
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25 thoughts on “2014 Jeep Cherokee OFFROAD

  1. wiibaron

    I’ve sure gotten used to the look of it now. I actually like it now. The
    only thing I would change is maybe lowering the taillights 2 inches down
    the liftgate. Looks great offroad… 

  2. Jerame Phillips

    If I could get past giving up my F150 this would be my practical vehicle.
    Love the trailhawk really cool like the diesel option as well.

  3. 302zombie

    still can’t stand the way it looks, most of the four wheel drive on this
    video is childs play, but ill give jeep this it looks like it could handle
    more. and it wasn’t relatively loud so it could make for a good hunting rig
    if your not going to a rough spot. 

  4. RandyRoam1

    Good bye Subaru, you just got beat. The looks of this jeep kinda grows on
    you begging for love. I’m starting to like it.

  5. Kevin Fizz

    It’s nice to see a trailhawk without that butt-ugly decal on the hood–I
    won’t buy one that has it. I wish the tow hooks didn’t stand out so much

  6. Robert Shatner

    Sorry to break it to the fanboys, but I have a loaded Overland that can
    tackle plenty and the smaller Cherokee Trailhawk is no joke and better than
    any of the other SUVs even NEAR it’s class. On top of that it’s comfortable
    enough for real road trips and qualifies as a worthy road car when it’s not
    tacking heavy snow and mud. Fin and finish is LIGHT YEARS better than the
    older Jeeps. 

  7. bax442

    Someone was sick while designing front of this car? I really like
    cherokee… but this one is just awful…

  8. Turbojeep23

    no real axles, too much plastic, too heavy and not enough power. its not
    available with a stick shift and it’ll never live up to the XJs reputation.
    When we said we wanted the Cherokee back, this is NOT what we had in mind. 

  9. The18Jake

    How about some solid axles,and a manual floor shifter for 4×4,instead of
    this electronic plastic shit. I can tell my 91 xj will last a lot longer
    than this piece of shit.

  10. a1awind

    c’mon jeep….i’ve done harder offroading than this in an oldsmobile
    cutlass ciera!
    show me something that might need a winch

  11. Rippy Longstocking

    @ Kenneth John, agreed dude, jeeps in general used to be unique. now they
    look pretty similar to every other new suv…. i’d keep my 98′ cherokee
    sport over this if i had the chance to trade.. 

  12. instinct022

    Jeep is a off road vehicle since the world war. Just because is smaller
    doesn’t mean it sucks..this might be better than patriot..i think with off
    road tires and off road bumpers. V6 4×4 will do fine for my mountain biking
    experience a little off road adventure..I’m still waiting on Chevrolet
    Colorado….Either Chevy Jeep or might go to a Honda…

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