2014 Mazda CX-5 – SUV | 5 Reasons To Buy | AutoTrader.com

2014 Mazda CX-5 - SUV | 5 Reasons To Buy | AutoTrader.com

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25 thoughts on “2014 Mazda CX-5 – SUV | 5 Reasons To Buy | AutoTrader.com

  1. AutoTrader.com

    We find if you use the shift it yourself feature on the automatic
    transmission, it feels a little more powerful.

  2. joseph ramzy

    Leon ur talking about stupid things that doesn’t matter let me guess u
    don’t know how does it drive I got a mazda 6 and it is not dark at all go
    test a car a t mazda -_-

  3. Gene Geary

    I have the 2014 Mazda CX5 Grand Touring. Love the ride but the electronics
    is a mess. The IPOD feature is 2008 level. Audio is below par including the
    Bose speakers. They are a joke

  4. AutoTrader.com

    No. The EPA estimate we quoted is for a CX-5 with the more powerful 2.5L
    engine with front wheel drive. Get the smaller 2.0L engine and the highway
    estimate goes up to 26 city / 35 highway for FWD models. Get all-wheel
    drive with that engine and the EPA numbers are 25 city / 31 highway.

  5. JohnnyPeachPit

    Too bad you can’t get manual transmission with the good engine. Pretty much
    narrows it down to Subaru for me. Mazda’s street cred took a big hit with
    that pixar styling, and now they only pair stick shift with their base
    engines on the 3 and CX5. Not so much zoom zoom any more. They don’t even
    make a performace car like the RX 7 (or even 8) any more. I guess the
    marketing department took over engineering. Makes me sad.

  6. leonakita

    too damn dark…all mazdas suffer from black on black on black dashes…and
    with a tiny ass moonroof its hard to get enough light in…contrast this
    with the interior of the Subaru…and you can get turbo power

  7. Juan lopez

    rav4 romier…..more passenger leg room and more cargo also and more
    realiable and much better resale value…….

  8. bmack2000

    I own this vehicle and absolutely love it. Performance and handling are
    best in class. The tech options (eg, blind spot warning, steerable
    headlights) are impressive.

  9. Stephen Hendricks

    Looked seriously at the first generation CX5 a year ago. Having owned
    several Mazdas I was disposed to like it. Unfortunately, needing awd, the
    155 hp engine offered at that time was just too gutless for my family’s
    needs. It appears that Mazda has corrected that problem to a significant
    degree with the 2014 2.5L version. I ended up with a Kia Sorento and would
    probably make the same choice again but the CX5 does appear to be the best
    of class among the smaller CUV’s.

  10. killersushi99

    Oh yeah the CX-5 I love blowing past these on the highway in my Forester XT
    Turbo. GOT BOOST? L8TR!

  11. Bruno TaTa

    Mazdas are always pretty fun to drive cars . I’m still not sold on the
    styling, and I think they could go a little further on materials quality

  12. Columbia Utility Buildings

    I bought the 2014 CX5 after testing other crossovers. This one beats them
    hands down. I would recommend the CX5 to anyone.

  13. Alexander Loughran

    Our 2013 2 liter @16k miles gets an overall of 30.5 mpg with mixed driving,
    which is incredible (passed 37 mpg average on freeway with ease). The best
    thing about the cx5 is the steering.

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