2013 Ford Escape EcoBoost Test Drive & Crossover SUV Video Review

http://www.autobytel.com/ford/escape/2013/ Ford redesigned the Escape for the 2013 year and this compact crossover SUV now uses the Global C platform which c…

25 thoughts on “2013 Ford Escape EcoBoost Test Drive & Crossover SUV Video Review

  1. Freeracer colin

    @Thomas Devito i don’t really see many cx-5’s and a lot of escapes where i
    live. It must just be differences in the places we live

  2. Jonathan Park

    Fact: no car manufacturer sets mileage figures. In the US, those figures
    are calculated by the EPA (in Canada, Transport Canada) using the same
    controlled tests on every car or truck. That’s why the sticker says
    “EPA/DOT Fuel Economy”. Car manufacturers are not “lying” to anyone.

  3. jandj Godwin

    its not overpriced so much R&D has been put 2 this vehicle, ie to get the
    perfect combination between ride comfort and handling that usually BMWs are
    good at making, also interior quality etc have been bumpd up a lot, its a
    long term car thats as good as a bmw x1 has more space and less badge value
    but more value 4 money

  4. 2003fordmustang281

    My ring finger is a 15 so my hand are big and I don’t seem to have trouble
    with the touch screen I think people just like complaining.

  5. Vanrocco66

    Subaru Forester will cost you much less, it’s more reliable, better AWD and
    it run forever! If you need more power, look at the Subaru Forester XT
    (turbo). This Escape is waaay over priced and won’t be on the road half as
    long as the Subaru or even the Honda CRV will.

  6. Just an observer

    The MSRP is scary however, Ford has put cash on the hood and if you want
    one check with more than one dealer. Usually a small town dealer will do
    better than a City dealer..The City dealers have a big turn over of
    salesman…more stability in the rural dealershiips.

  7. growlering

    for all the retards wining in here like little girls :shut the fuck up and
    test drive the escape than come and express your opinion! and by the way
    fuck cvts

  8. ReligiousShooter

    You should google “epa self test mpg”. One of the articles that pop up is
    from Edmunds. From the article “The EPA establishes the tests that yield
    the fuel economy figures, but for the most part it doesn’t conduct the
    tests itself.” KIA/Hyundai got sued for the “EPA” figures.

  9. wpaia

    Ford wants more european market in exchange of the their american base
    customers. Ford is well known for their trucks and suv. So why drastically
    change the style. I understand doing this in cars but not suv or trucks
    besides euro likes smaller cars anyways.


    I don’t care about the price, as I would never buy the 1.6L EcoBoost from
    all the engine recalls and fires related to it. Go 2.0L and the larger 3.5L

  11. B Alt

    Maybe you should lose some weight you vertically challenged lard ball? The
    escape is plenty roomy for my 6’1 220 lb frame. You must be shaped like a
    bowling ball..

  12. patrick jackson

    this car is good but has a lot of draw backs. price is too high for the
    segment there are also other cars in the segment that are just as good or
    even better. look at the recalls ford has had engine recalls for the excape
    catching fire and over heating and a lot of other issues with ford. i would
    rather not buy a car from a company with so many recalls and for major
    problems ford has gotten better but just not there yet for me to even think
    about trusting their quality and reliability

  13. 2003fordmustang281

    They didn’t have any issues with the 2.0 ecoboost starting on fire they
    were having trouble with the 1.6 litre ecoboost. Do some research before
    you post your comments.

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