2014 Ford Escape Test Drive and Review

The 2014 Ford Escape is one of the top choices in the small Crossover SUV segment. yet another honest auto review from an average guy! http://www.youtube.com…

25 thoughts on “2014 Ford Escape Test Drive and Review

  1. MrXanish

    Great review! I’m very pleased with the cars Ford has been putting out, and
    its a safe bet that this vehicle is on my radar. 

  2. Jeff Mazzoni

    Great review, Tony. I also have driven the Escape at a Ford EcoBoost
    Challenge back in September. I was very impressed with it versus the
    competition on hand. Very European handling and great thrust from that
    Ecoboost motor. Also drove Focus ST, Fiesta ST, and a Titanium Fusion.
    Fun afternoon, and the Escape would likely be my pick for a Small CUV. Now
    you need to check out a Mazda CX-5.

  3. jaxxsunErie

    Ford should cut you a check. I would buy a this Ford first before any in
    its class or even a little above. 

  4. catclayton52

    I purchased a 2013 Escape SE model five months ago and it is a great car,
    no problems and agree with your review wholeheartedly!

  5. Kepsnys Iškeptasis

    @theMediaMart my dad bought Skoda Yeti 2013 diesel manual. Runs smooth. 81
    kW are so good(it might sound funny for you americans cause you have like
    atleast 200kWs) its enough for long trips going for 130km/h on highway. How
    many kWs your car have? Im just curious.

  6. modmatt1

    One of your best vids yet! Complete and full of excellent information. I
    got to drive a new Escape at the Ford Ecoboost Challenge event at CitiField
    a few months back and it did great on the autocross setup as did the Fusion.

  7. pedrof830

    Do you suppose that if you’re old and tall, you’ll get hit in the head by
    that hatch when you close it by lifting one leg and then lose balance? BTW
    nice review!

  8. jandj Godwin

    How do you push the vehicle, isnt it really heavy? FANTASTIC REVIEW as
    usual 10/10 for an average guy, and DOGS are really cute…

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