2014 Range Rover Sport vs Highlander vs Durango 2014 QX80 Mega Mashup Review (Part 2)

http://www.TFLcar.com ) What do the 2014 Range Rover Sport, Infiniti QX80, Toyota Highlander and the Dodge Durango all have in common? They all can be purc…

25 thoughts on “2014 Range Rover Sport vs Highlander vs Durango 2014 QX80 Mega Mashup Review (Part 2)

  1. iTzHuGzz

    A range rover sport cant be a oversized evoque since it came before the
    evoque 😛 the evoque is a undersized sport :P

  2. FretFreak02

    Okay, I stopped watching right after about 4 minutes. Conclusion after 4
    minutes: ”It kinda sounds like a Jag. It has start/stop. It sounds like a
    Jag, but not a Jag…” You guys don’t talk about anything useful….

  3. Jonathan Washington

    For those who keep saying the range rover is unreliable . How can you say
    something of such when you never had the car to begin with?

  4. andymankini

    range rover sport aint realy an all off rd vehicle its for toffs and
    footballers, get the real one with higher ground clearance and so on

  5. FiredEmpire

    super luxury super unreliable off roader… I don’t know what this British
    English means.
    It sounds just stupid to me.

  6. Blackciti West

    The interiors of Land Rovers are always nice but I hear they have
    reliability issues. I will pass on this vehicle.

  7. Danny Colanton

    Seriously fast lane cars why pick those 3 wired cars?!?! We all know range
    rover beat all of them!!! 

  8. Jeremy Epstein

    How did you guys get $79k on the 340hp V-6 Range Rover Sport? Unless you
    got a ton of custom items. Should be around $64-69

  9. Moneyneversaves

    Why Infiniti qx is doing here. It supposed to match up with toyota
    land-cruiser, or lexus lx570 isn’t it.

  10. John Hwang

    Doesn’t supercharged model comes with 5.0L v8 s/c engine which makes over
    500hp instead of 3.0L v6 which makes 340hp as stated in this video?

  11. Thomas Day

    How anyone can complain about a lack of room in that car is beyond me, and
    anyone who still thinks land rover are as unreliable as they used to be has
    clearly just awoken from at leat a five year sleep.

  12. Johnnytotal

    If it’s a little bit cramped, chose the Range Rover. What I wanted to see
    is how everything worked on a daily basis. Any hick ups w. the navigation,
    door seals not tight and things that bothered them. Like slow response from
    wi-fi or blue tooth etc. etc.

  13. Tod Lindley

    Non descript,Sinfully Disgusting, Prison Sentence engine sounds like a jar
    o marbles rattling about n looks absolutely crap, theyd have to pay me to
    take it and my price would be double Land Rovers Price tag, 80 grand
    hahahaha WHO are they tryna kid, anybody that wants that article must lack
    their own ego coz that’s all it satisfies, if ya wanna go stupid fast buy
    a jag, THAT aint a Range Rover 

  14. MrThat70svan

    Roman/Nathan, Do You guys have to buy your own gas.or do the cars come with
    fuel? I love the Range Rover but that Durango is sweet to be a Dodge!

  15. Alan Akeister

    The SDV6 Diesel IS coming to the USA, you can finally find out what us
    Europeans have known for years, that the Diesel for everyday use is superb
    (Oh and there will be a Hybrid version coming too)

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