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25 thoughts on “Audi Q5 SUV review – CarBuyer

  1. Joseph Blowington

    the q7 is not 50000 pounds. Where are you buying cars? Here in Canada, you
    can get a brand new loaded q5 for 55000 DOLLARS. q7 is about 70. You’re
    50000 pounds works out to over 100 g’s. I’d be sitting in a brand new
    boxter s for that kind of dough.

  2. Adam

    No need to apologise – I just used to have a Saab so like to make the case
    for them every now and then. As you said, Volvo are better known. But Saab
    did used to make some cracking cars.

  3. tazzcaaarlovr

    at least I have a life you prick, I don’t spend my time replying to people
    I disagree with and go to start arguments. You better watch all the videos
    I watched and then come and fucking judge me(since you are stalking my
    channel), see if you disagree with me. I’m not just a fan, I have a BMW.
    btw you are telling me to shut up and you just keep going on and on.

  4. hammy y

    sorry its just volvo are the most well known for safety thats why i put it.
    but im sure saab are too!

  5. Dreadzedan

    Saab had some of the strongest pillars in the industry i think, made the
    car like it had a racing roll cage.

  6. funnypits

    “They stole the stop/start from BMW”. Yes, you DID say that, you can’t
    steal something from someone when they didn’t even invent it. And the next
    time you use the original “You mad bro?” line, you should reconsider
    starting your comment with “I didn’t FUCKING say that”. Keep trying,

  7. Keito Ido

    Lol “you can see your future in them” You’re so distracted by the sheer
    size of the wing-mirrors that crash into another vehicle, thus resulting in
    going straight to heaven. Yes you do indeed see the future.

  8. peardrax77

    Ok so start/ stop function is different from that button!!! Guess that
    proves my gender!!! Lol.

  9. Joseph Blowington

    Drove one of these for a daily driver for about a year and a half. Pros:
    Everything but gas mileage. It handles well. Super smooth. Decent power
    (2.0t is more than enough). very comfortable. looks expensive. Even the
    little things like phone syncing. It syncs when you get in, shows you
    everything on your phone then wipes clean when you step out of the car.
    This car has all the tech a person needs without any of the extra bull.
    Amazing car.

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