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25 thoughts on “Toyota RAV4 SUV 2013 review – CarBuyer

  1. maidenti

    According to carbyer, fords are the most fun like to drive
    car-brand(reasonably priced) in the whole galaxy… rubbish 

  2. Gregory

    I think people want everything these days. Generally speaking the old shape
    Rav4 look like it’s ready for anything and it looks well made. This
    particular model looks weak and like it has been made to a cost. If I
    wanted off-road capability I’d go for something proper like a Mitsubishi or
    a Land Rover.


    Well, but this is not a car for off-road adventure, the mono-hull frame,
    suspension and power train is for more comfortable driving in city, beach
    and picnic. Do you want something harder? Try Defender, Triton, Hilux among

  4. Pedro Silva

    Probably outside, under the boot. Or maybe it has one of those shitty flat
    repair kits.

  5. milosilic23

    Mat has (or at least had) a Corsa and an MX5 if i remember correctly. He
    mentioned it in some older reviews.

  6. hammy y

    yeah but the things u add are useful… and tbh that’s not a good way of
    looking at things; if you didn’t buy anything because you were afraid it
    would fail, you’d be living like people did centuries ago…

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