Car Crash and Road Rage Compilation (6) – Insurance Fraud Compilation (Best of 2012)

The sixth video in a series of car crash videos ( Did have 1900000 views ). Was a viral video until the account it was on got terminated. So here I am star…
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25 thoughts on “Car Crash and Road Rage Compilation (6) – Insurance Fraud Compilation (Best of 2012)

  1. YT Suly

    I hope that all the people who ran into these cars died later on in the
    hospital. Piles of shit scum

  2. Nicholas Bandur

    id love to see more of these
    as well as there reactions and what each say to justify trying to scam
    because id love 2 see reactions of……. oh shit im caught bye

  3. Peggy Sebastianelli

    Mixing in these scams with police corruption in Russia, Its no wonder you
    all have so much stress. Every vehicle in the world should have cameras.
    Thanks for sharing….a real eye opener.

  4. Nev D

    Any drivers caught doing the scams should be banned from ever holding
    another insurance on any vehicle FULL STOP that would stop it quickly and
    that reminds me to refit my camera into the new motor, Better be safe than

  5. rollandflick2

    Disclaimer at the end, “its not that they are bad drivers…” Um, I didn’t
    see a single instance of good driving in any of these videos! These people
    are flipping crazy!

  6. deepfreezevideo

    That recent incident in NYC where a SUV driver was attacked by a group of
    motorcyclists started out as exactly that, an attempted insurance money
    extortion attempt. The biker pulled up alongside, then cut in front and
    brake checked the SUV causing an unavoidable rear end fender bender. They
    selected the SUV because they figured an immigrant with an expensive car
    would be a good target.

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