Picking the 2014 Motor Trend Sport Utility of the Year! – Wide Open Throttle Ep 85

On this special episode of Wide Open Throttle, Edward Loh and the Motor Trend gang come to you from the 2014 Motor Trend Sport Utility of the Year competitio…
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25 thoughts on “Picking the 2014 Motor Trend Sport Utility of the Year! – Wide Open Throttle Ep 85

  1. /Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1)

    lighten up guys! Why the long faces and slightly courtroom tragic music.
    We’re just talking cars here. Crack a smile! Come on Jonny your a fun guy
    bring some life to this, bit of fun, maybe some American humour…ok
    scratch that last one. No-one’s gonna be sent to death row at the end of
    this…(they’re not are they?) 

  2. Alex Miller

    What the heck I dint see a 4runner in there it is probably the only suv
    that is still a real suv!

  3. nezerac

    I wanna argue with motor trend on the forester as the pick but they’ve made
    their case pretty granitely. Only thing I didn’t like is the fact that it
    seems like you guys COMPLETELY ignored towing with it.

  4. jorge romani

    That freaking Forester looks like a wagon from the 90’s. I don’t care how
    amazing their AWD is, if it looks like SH!T I don’t want it. Horrible
    choice Motor Trend, that stupid Subaru doesn’t even have a third row seat
    like the others. Its not even available. The Grand Cherokee should have
    beat the Subaru because it doesn’t look gay.

  5. Nathan Spence

    Umadeabadmistake, so u callin us cheap basterds? Go ahead and waste ur rich
    money. Ain’t gonna get u no where in life. 

  6. Umadeabadmistake

    These suv’s are for folks that can’t afford real suv’s. Horrible review,
    horrible panel, and horrible video with no viable information. Junk period.

  7. jonathan apelacion

    I didn’t agreed to what they said or rank on the cars, first of all if they
    want to review or ranks on the SUV/crossovers they should have put all
    brand and model of the vehicles… no ford, Chevy, Mercedes, Lexus ….
    etc. Come on, where’s the rest of it…? IMO

  8. Miro Shileff

    I hope you guys are reading the comments. So can you tell me how much
    Subaru paid you to give them SUV of the year? For Audi SQ5 I just heard mmm
    mm mm …. bla bla we dont really have a bad thing .. lets say its too nice
    that`s why we wont give them the award. Audi SQ5 Vs Subaru its like
    comparing my bicycle with `14 GSXR 1300 

  9. Curtis Reid

    To be SUV of the year should define the true meaning the the term. Can the
    Subaru tow a 5000 lb. boat up hill? Where is that test? Does it even have a
    trailer hitch? When it comes to towing, everybody doesn’t want a truck, so
    in my book an SUV should be able to tow. If it can’t pull a u-hail,
    trailer, or my boat, it’s not a true SUV !

  10. Tian Zheng

    This is not a legitimate comparison because there is no target price range
    and car class or vehicle size constraint. They were comparing audi and
    Porsche to subaru and Toyota. Big vs compact. Come on… Consumers are not
    that indecisive where they don’t have a budget or vehicle size in mind.
    There should be a category for size and price/class. Can’t believe this is
    a professional motor trend review. Disappointed! 

  11. TheManInDboX

    What they all have in common? They are all REALLY BLAND AND BORING TO
    DRIVE.. I would take a Jeep Wagoneer with a 4Speed stick over the SRT, and
    Honestly who needs a 61k dollar SUV? What are you using these for? Why
    can’t i get a big station wagon, or a manual transmission.. I am not 900lbs
    where i am too fat and lazy to drive a car like it is supposed to be

  12. Brandon Morris

    But when toyota come out with a turbo diesel 4runner, then we will have a
    new champ

  13. Tomasz Skwarek

    Reading most of the comments I concluded that most of you guys have no idea
    about cars or/and journalism.
    Great job MotorTrend !
    BTW im not Subaru fan boy, I like Q5 or MDX for myself but it really is
    very personal choice and certainly I’m not gonna cry like a b…. just
    because my favorite car didn’t win the award. 

  14. MacGuru17

    I must also add that, in the MDX, the song titles are all lopped off if
    they’re too long; they should scroll if the title is too long to fit on the
    screen. I like it, but the UI breaks it for me.

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