Riding shotgun in the new 2015 Porsche Macan SUV on road and off road

The new Porsche Macan will launch in Europe in April 2014, and is set to become one of Porsche’s biggest sellers. We ride with the development team to see if…
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25 thoughts on “Riding shotgun in the new 2015 Porsche Macan SUV on road and off road

  1. /Dream Car Garage 1 (DCG1)

    Compact, better looking than its big brother, with what I’m sure will be a
    good range of engines, yes no doubt this car will sell like crazy in the
    UK. But how different will it be than the VW Tiguan and the Audi Q5? 

  2. CarLease UK

    Looks great. Only issue is that the specification levels are a little low
    and you need to spend quite a bit to match something like an S Line plus Q5
    at similar price.

  3. ewt415

    What a fantastic car. You can get all of this in a Macan S for not much
    more than the cost of an SQ5

  4. Stereoguy

    You know what is even more predictable and sporty? A proper sports car!
    These SUV’s that try to be sporty are a joke. What’s the point? 

  5. Robert-Terrance Mullane

    How in hell do they put cars out more than a year ahead of time? This is
    fucking ridiculous! It’s as if car companies don’t know what fucking year
    it is. Duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. dailyforman

    you push the stop pedal and it decreases the speed, you push the gas pedal
    and it increases the speed. WOOOOOW. amazing…

  7. Riiiisc

    The price of a Macan is almost equal as a Porsche Cayenne. You must be
    stupid to not buy a Cayenne…

  8. BLT

    It is missing something : Assisted parallel parking.
    All Mercedes’ model are equipped with this, and even the assisted
    parking-lot parking for in and out. Well, men don’t need this feature, but
    for most women it’s a must have. Most buyers of this car are married, not
    teenagers or beginners.

  9. Jack Plastow

    This fucking Renault advert can go to hell..such a boring advert and never
    let’s me skip. Kmt Renault and the dry bitch in the video

  10. Sid Acidic

    doesnt look bad ass like its big brother Cayenne, turn in smooth and more
    to safety side but less feedback probably because it has electric power
    steering, still heavy.

    yeap, still no.

  11. hung huge

    When the guy is cornering hard with one hand on the wheel and chatting that
    tells you all you need to know. No driver involvement whatsoever – just
    computers sorting it all out for you. 

  12. BLT

    I have an experience with the Hill Descent Control. I have a very steep and
    long driveway with one turn, when it’s covered with 2 inch of snow, using
    an all season tires, I tried to go down with ML320 turning on the HDC. The
    car fell down like a stone, ended-up hitting the stair, and damaging the
    wheel. Lucky I didn’t turn on the 4wd, other wise it could run over the
    stair and flip-over. Next time I will call a taxi.

  13. swinglow33

    Other than the fact this is a smaller SUV from Porsche, there is nothing
    really ground breaking here.

  14. Mladen Milić

    Where I lice , word ‘macan’ is read ‘ma(ts)an’ , and it means male cat
    (mačka is word for female cat , but is also slang for very atractive

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