Allstate Mayhem Commercials: Cleaning Lady

I’m the World’s Worst Cleaning Lady. Find out what else I am at Mayhem is Everywhere. An Allstate Agent can…
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  1. Poop

    When I first saw this commercial I was laughin’ so hard. Now when I watch
    it I wonder, does he do his own stunts? That looked like a hard hit lol.

  2. Sean Sartell

    Your Home Is Thinking Spring … Are You?

    Did you know the air conditioner outside your home could cause water damage
    inside your house? Allstate policyholders file insurance claims for damage
    to their homes daily, including claims caused by daily problems like broken
    water pipes, cracked washing machine hoses, and leaky roofs. These claims
    show that it doesn’t take a fire or disaster to hurt your home.

    “Winter weather can be extremely hard on a house,” said Allstate
    spokesperson John Heid. “Spring-cleaning is an excellent opportunity to
    identify and correct minor, seasonal problems that could end up causing
    more significant damage, frustration, and possibly an insurance claim down
    the road,”

    Five easy ideas for spring-cleaning …

    Check roofs and windows: Visually inspect roof valleys, chimneys,
    skylights, and vent flashings. Temperature changes from the hot summer to
    the cold winter can cause expansion and contraction, which may lead to
    cracking in some roof cement and window caulking materials, creating
    potentially damaging water leaks. All exterior caulking maintenance should
    also be performed during spring-cleaning.

    Walk your yard: Check the grading of your property to ensure it drains away
    from your home’s foundation. Wet weather can cause soil to settle in plant
    and flowerbed areas, which are usually adjacent to your home’s foundation
    wall. This can cause water to build up next to the foundation and possibly
    get into your home. If needed, re-fill or re-grade depressed areas.
    Basement window wells should also be cleaned and covers considered —
    avoiding rainwater build-up and unnecessary leakage in these areas.

    Inspect gutters: Gutters should be inspected for debris and proper
    mounting. The expansion and weight of ice and snow from winter storms can
    loosen gutters from their mounting points causing a change in pitch and
    water flow. Also, make sure downspouts are extended far enough to carry
    water away from the foundation wall of your house.

    Condition your air conditioner: Check the drainage pan and lines. The
    drainage pan and drain line should be free of dust and debris that may
    accumulate over the winter. An obstructed pan and line could lead to an
    overflow and water damage.

    Test pumps: If you have a sump-pump, test it to make sure it is working
    properly. Test the motor, float switch, and check valve to see if they are
    working properly and water is draining from the chamber. A back-up pump,
    or system, may be a consideration if you live in an area prone to
    groundwater problems.

    Some work, particularly on roofs, may require professional services. Some
    homeowners may not be comfortable inspecting or working on their roof or on
    ladders. If so, check references with your local better business bureau,
    homebuilders association, or contractors association to help ensure your
    hiring a qualified, reputable repair professional to work on your home.

    For more information on safety topics, contact Sean Sartell at Sartell
    Family Insurance. Your local Allstate agent.

    John Heid

  3. Dennis Myers

    The world’s worst cleaning lady in Allstate’s new commercial. As funny as
    the commercial is, it’s absolutely right on the money. Here’s why you
    should be very careful when hiring a house cleaning service.

  4. Steve Harper Allstate Insurance Agent

    “I clean. I dust. I fall.” – Mayhem #insuranceagent
    Mayhem: Cleaning Lady Video

  5. Bill Gowin - Allstate Insurance Agent

    Love Mayhem? Check out all the Mayhem videos on Allstate’s Mayhem channel.

  6. Allstate at BRAM

    Make sure you have the right home protection. Talk to an Allstate Agent.
    #AllstateAtBRAM #Allstate

    Mayhem: Cleaning Lady Video

  7. nastypupp

    love these so much. the 1st ones i saw were the tree crashing & the watch
    dog eating a bone. does anyone know how many were made? i’d like to have
    them all in order.

  8. A1 Sparkles Cleaning

    The world’s worst cleaning lady in Allstate’s new commercial. As funny as
    the commercial is, it’s absolutely right on the money. Here’s why you
    should be very careful when hiring a house cleaning service.

  9. gobo760

    Woah, I think they based this commercial on our house cleaner. We have a
    saying at our house, “if it can be broken, on a long enough timeline, she
    will break it”… it’s an adaptation of Muphy’s Law.

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