2013 Lexus GX 460 Off-Road Test Drive and Luxury SUV Video Review

When you think of off-road driving you probably do not think Lexus. But maybe you should because there is a vehicle in the line-up that is built to handle mo…

21 thoughts on “2013 Lexus GX 460 Off-Road Test Drive and Luxury SUV Video Review

  1. lolraxjimmy

    A couple of questions:
    1. Does it like to get dirty or play in the mud?
    2. Does it have a dual nature?

    I don’t think these points were addressed enough.

  2. Jatin Bhatia

    Toyota landcruiser / Lexus lx are both very capable offroad vehicles too.
    Ask the desert dwellers who often travel over desert n rocks n

  3. Yori Basavatch

    The 2014 actually starts at 49k, feel bad for anyone who bought the 2013
    before the new one came out.

  4. Dan Q

    This is an awful review. The LX/Land Cruiser is a much more capable vehicle
    not the other way around. It is known for it around the world. Also
    Lexus/Toyota is known for making the best off-road vehicles. Please make
    trustworthy reviews that we can trust.

  5. ChristopherWalkenPUA

    Uhhh why did he drive around the mud at the end and then say how the
    vehicle is meant to get muddy? Overall this review wasn’t very impressive
    and had very little off-road footage.

  6. prototypeglory

    A formidable off road vehicle whose intended purpose will never be
    exploited by the average owner.

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