VIDEO ENHANCEMENT of ROAD RAGE NYC Bikers vs SUV attack New York City Motorcycle assault

Enhanced with Zoom and focal point. What you Will See ▭▭▻ The Surprise: At 23 seconds in you can see the Driver Side Mirror is already broken out, with just …

11 thoughts on “VIDEO ENHANCEMENT of ROAD RAGE NYC Bikers vs SUV attack New York City Motorcycle assault

  1. deveousdevil

    PROOF – Alexian Lien’s Range Rover SUV Tires Slashed and Attacked! uploaded
    this to show the tire was slashed.

  2. BlueSilence1985

    You can really see the guy banging on his suv! Obvious that’s why he sped
    away from these crazy thugs. I tried zooming in on the footage myself but
    my software kept freezing on me. Thanks for posting.

  3. Garrett Marshall

    At 0.18 the motorbike veers into the middle Lane and the motorbike’s
    backwheel is parallel with the front wheel of the SUV and the rider is
    staring at the driver of the SUV. He is OBVIOUSLY in the wrong. The SUV had
    bikers all around him at this point and the two riders on the left side are
    swerving all over and driving like idiots. And how did they all know to
    stop? Unless this was a premeditated intentional way to screw over the suv

  4. Michael T

    As I suspected all along. Mieses got ran over by the RIGHT FRONT of the
    SUV, the same area where the tire was slashed and eventually missing.
    Couldn’t be such a coincidence that the area of the tire that was slash is
    the same area where he got ran over! At 35 seconds, you can clearly see
    Mieses take something out of his pocket, most likely the knife that was
    used to slash the SUV tires.

  5. Michael T

    Mieses was too busy slashing that tire that he didn’t hear the SUV honk and
    get out of the way!

  6. Jay Meezee

    Yo! Da flick clearly showz I wuz tryin to diffuse da tire , er, I mean da
    situation. yeah, I wuz diffusing da sitch. MoneyGang Entertainment y’all!!!

  7. TheLAdudefromLos

    Thank you for zooming it out up close and personal. Now, we all see it.
    These gang bikers are still in denial and make up all the excuses. We can
    see that these gang bikers took all the lanes on freeway. One or 2 lanes
    are enough. They took all the lanes. Christopher Cruz provoking and
    confronting with the SUV driver. Suddenly, he stopped and slowed the SUV
    driver down. These gang bikers were grouped together, surrounded, and
    blocked Mr. Lien’s car. Damaged the mirror. We can see it up close.

  8. HereToday

    They wanted the driver to stop so they “takeover” the road. The SUV driver
    did not understand it, how could he. I linked up some more of the videos in
    the top description..

  9. Mat twenty

    guy must have been in fear for his life the guy attacking the SUV just as
    much to blame, if the guy had done anything wrong b4 that then call the
    police, with a go pro on every other helmet sure they would be able to show
    that footage to the cops,

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