Driving Review – 2013 Lexus LX 570 – 8 Passenger SUV Test Drive – Video Review – In Depth

Autosavant’s Kevin Gordon reviews the 2013 Lexus LX 570. Here, Kevin provides his impressions of the full size SUV. The LX manages to be highly composed on r…

25 thoughts on “Driving Review – 2013 Lexus LX 570 – 8 Passenger SUV Test Drive – Video Review – In Depth

  1. Dog Haus

    the weakness of this truck is that the brakes a anemic. Better brakes
    should be on a ninety thousand three ton vehicle. 

  2. Gregory Jones

    I prefer the Infiniti QX80 with more horsepower 400, 7speed electronic
    transmission, forward/ lane collision warning and braking, hydroelectric
    suspension, power recline third row seats, and priced less than the Lexus

  3. Claude Desjardins

    Great job Kevin!! Thank you for saying it like it is. I’m a Lexus fan and
    this one really interests me. Are they planning a hybrid version in the
    near future? Can’t imagine any of these big boys surviving without
    improving their energy consumption…..

  4. mc-fine

    By far the most positive of Kevin’s reviews that I’ve seen. Can really tell
    this vehicle fits what he wants for his personal situation. I like your
    reviews. You typically give enough of the bad and good points of the car
    that allow the viewer to decide what he likes or which negatives are not
    important. Your GS350 review was key in my purchase of my vehicle.

  5. Veyronp87

    im on top of my game lol. jk, i just refreshed my sub box and this happened
    to be there lol

  6. StratNut2008

    video doesnt do this car justice, i saw it today at the lexus dealer,
    amazing … back seat room not so much… but awesome looking car…

  7. igoyzigong

    Nice review man.. It’s my dream car and it cost $220k in my country but its
    not stoping me to save my money, I hope I can afford it in the end of next
    year 2014.. Aamiin

  8. venom5809

    There are at least four new ones just in my subdivision alone, not that
    rare. Lol. They are all over my town, more LXs than Landcruisers too. I
    personally hate them, think they are ugly and the interior not as nice as
    Ranges or GLs and the price is crazy. Infiniti QX is better to me.

  9. Autosavant

    John, not compelled. Every car we get is under the same set of
    circumstances and many we have been critical about. I did want to be honest
    that prior to reviewing it I had admired the LX and its Land Cruiser
    brother. After spending a week and putting a lot of miles on it I still
    really liked it.

  10. John Newcome

    I think this guy felt compelled to give a glorious review. A car is your
    hero? C’mon… After all, Lexus gave him an essentially $100K SUV for a
    week to take his family on a road trip to Florida. If he didn’t give an
    over-the-top review, he can kiss their a $ $ next time!

  11. StratNut2008

    this should be outselling the Range Rover, its so much nicer and a better
    all around car.

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