Allstate TV: Trouble Never Takes A Holiday Video

Allstate wishes America a happy holiday season. And remember to drive safely, because trouble never takes a holiday. For more information, please visit: http…

25 thoughts on “Allstate TV: Trouble Never Takes A Holiday Video

  1. Doug Laine

    Buhahaha! I seem to recall a fabulous Turkey Day in Santa Monica where
    this almost happened 🙂 Just add wigs and an ice bucket!

  2. Allstate Insurance Company-Kent D. Banning

    Allstate TV: Trouble Never Takes A Holiday Video

  3. epsteinsmutha1

    And if you’re not in good hands, I’d get there FAST. Who wants to risk the
    wrath of Pedro Cerrano? (Hee hee!)

  4. massiesdad

    I really like the jacket that Dennis Haybert is wearing. Does anyone know
    who makes this or what kind of coat this is? Thanks.

  5. ghostlandered

    @tacoma4x4guy there is a very similar song called in the hall of mountain
    king, might want to check it out

  6. towringer

    I like the line about 15 people setting their houses on fire & skidding and
    taking out Grandma’s garage door. He’s right–trouble doesn’t take a

  7. Allstate Insurance

    @tacoma4x4guy Thanks for asking – it is an original song created just for
    this ad.

  8. Vernonu9

    Excellent customer service and a non-threatening black spokesperson. That’s
    Allstate’s stand. (Family Guy)

  9. MateoJFR

    I know that you say it’s made for this ad, but I’ve heard it before
    somewhere… The melody is from something classical.

  10. tacoma4x4guy

    Do you know the title of the song played in this commercial? I’ve been
    searching for it but so far, no luck.

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