Range Rover Hybrid: Tearing up Nature, Saving the Planet

Range Rover’s gone all eco and released a hybrid. It’s big, comfy and just as good off road as you’d expect. There’s one tiny problem though… For the full …

25 thoughts on “Range Rover Hybrid: Tearing up Nature, Saving the Planet

  1. Clive Sinclair

    LR/RR’s are not known for the reliability of their vehicles – especially
    electronics. Even more stuff to go wrong on this one. 

  2. mrkongsimr

    Looks like a great car , I would buy one right now , if I could afford one .
    Good video , thank you .
    I like your practicals , please were did you get them , what make are they
    and number and how much are they . Really I´m so glad I saw this video , I
    may be able to afford them..

  3. whiteandnerdytuba

    sneak up to the club and the minute you put it in park, a 3.0 diesel cranks
    up to let the entire party know who brought the hundred grand car, and paid
    quite a lot more to see no benefit other than the noise it makes. cant name
    very few cars that are better with a smaller engine and more weight

  4. Ammar Mohamed

    When you buy a car by over 100,000 usd , I do not think the fuel economy is
    an issue !!!more over an SUV can’t be an environmental friendly with hybrid
    engine unless it’s completely electronic like the “Tesla” Otherwise get
    cheve volt or walk like I used to do ;)… 

  5. blibbax

    The why is to have a RR with a tiny bit less of a guilty conscience than
    you would do otherwise.

  6. Damien W

    This car is all about appearances. So those that want a big luxury car but
    care about their social image can have their cake and eat it too.

  7. Franklin Sponda

    Finally the eco-friendly Hollywood celebs have a reason to change their

  8. J0lker

    I just don’t understand why about every journalist thinks the fuel
    consumtpion is only about money… There’s something like range, which is
    more important for me. I just don’t like stoppig at gas stations every

  9. James Flintham

    What has happened to your comment reviews? Missed that, made me laugh!


    Oh hi there me!

  10. peanuts2105

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is one the best if not THE best car in the world
    right now. Nothing on God’s Earth offers off-road capability and refinement
    in one vehicle. This is an engineering master class

  11. scottishbadboy1

    Lets see how it fares over the course of its lifetime..knowing landrover it
    will have problems from the get go

  12. sw1000xg

    WTF that’s an offence mark about bunnies? We, that would be humans, rape
    the planet and call people who actual care about it names? Cars only use
    fpssol fuels because of that big old word MONEY! Back in the 90s fossil
    fuel was already 50 years out of date! But they wont change because of

  13. Rihards Mors

    Today I so wished to be in RR Hybrid. Instead I was sitting in traffic jam
    with manual box and warning light saying “Low fuel level” 😀
    Keep doing this, XCAR 😉 Really enjoyed, thanks

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