Driving Review – 2013 Hyundai Santa FE GLS – 7 Passenger SUV Test Drive – Video Review

Driving Review - 2013 Hyundai Santa FE GLS - 7 Passenger SUV Test Drive - Video Review

Autosavant’s Kevin Gordon reviews the 2013 Hyundai Santa FE . Here, Kevin provides his impressions of the car and provides a walk through of the usability of…
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25 thoughts on “Driving Review – 2013 Hyundai Santa FE GLS – 7 Passenger SUV Test Drive – Video Review

  1. David Ferrari

    Very elegant and modern design by the Hyundai Motor Company. Definitely the
    best looking SUV on the North American market.

    The 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe sports Hyundai’s new cutting-edge advanced AWD

    Hyundai Motor Company manufactures its own engines (known as Lambda) and
    they are one of the most technologically advanced engines in the world.
    Korean technology companies are the most advanced in the world (look at
    Samsung… the world’s biggest and most advanced technology company).


  2. bbsbcv

    Nice review; we just bought the same model, same color and everything, and
    the review is spot on with my impressions of the car. I compared it to the
    Kia Sorento, which has similar seating, but a bit less space. I share the
    disappointment with the lack of the backup camera, but I have to say the
    visibility from the mirrors and through the rear window is better than I

  3. SeanFTP1

    Excellent review! Kevin is one of the VERY best vehicle reviewers. Lots of
    good and useful information!

  4. Sid Jeong

    What camera did you use for walkaround shot? it’s constantly focus and
    refocus for a moment I thought my eyes were going bad.

  5. modmatt1

    Great job on the review, although it was a little tough to hear you when
    you went outside. Also looks like there was a lot slight steering
    adjustments being made – did it not have a solid on center feel? Overall a
    good looking min-sized SUV well worth considering.

  6. Moby Dick

    Why? the Merc C63 is sooooooooooooo much better. M3 is old news baby, get
    with the new times.

  7. Maad Dan

    Can you review the Chevy SS when it goes on sale, with it and me being
    Australian I’m interested to here your view of the it.

  8. Autosavant

    It will probably be a while, with the new car coming out soon they will be
    out of the fleets until the 14s arrive.

  9. Matt Sanders

    I like the review! Great job. How do you think this car compares to the
    Pathfinder SV? IT seems a little cheaper (31,000 vs 34,000 for the
    pathfinder sticker price), but I’m not sure about quality. Have you tested
    these cars and which one do you like best in the class? (7 seater SUVs)

  10. Gary Zong

    How does the V6 engine compare to the 4-cylinder turbo that the sport
    version have? Does the 4-cylinder turbo have enough power and acceptable
    smooth power output?

  11. venom5809

    Best car reviewer out there, Saabkyle04 sucks. This is how you do a proper
    in-depth review that includes driving, not just walking around a car and
    pointing out stuff you can read in any brochure.

  12. usvc1

    It maybe more popular to review vehicles that the average person can
    afford. Jaguar, Mercedes and so forth aren’t necessarily affordable for
    someone with a family, making getting 50k a year. Not knocking anyone or
    the channel, just a suggestion to do a few more mainstream vehicles to help
    keep a variety. This has nothing to do with this Santa Fe review lol.

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