2015 Cadillac Escalade – Exterior and Interior Walkaround – 2014 Chicago Auto Show

2015 Cadillac Escalade - Exterior and Interior Walkaround - 2014 Chicago Auto Show

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25 thoughts on “2015 Cadillac Escalade – Exterior and Interior Walkaround – 2014 Chicago Auto Show

  1. ks10308

    ugh, this doesnt even look like a truck. it reminds me of a station wagon.
    Too boxy. I dont like it. Even though im a ford guy, I would choose a
    2014 Escalade anyday over this one and the navigator. At least this
    escalade is keeping the V8 unlike those morons at ford only offering a V6

  2. Nikki Tillman

    Cadillac is going down hill. I want to close my eyes when I see a 2014 on
    the road. Who is thinking up these designs??? Needs to be fired. I drive a
    2010 CTS and love it. Time to move on….. Hello 2014 Jag!!!! Now that’s

  3. Stanley Masterson

    BIG FAIL. One it replaces was far better looking. The nose isnt bad, the
    interior is well done, but the rest of it has a strange sort of
    wagon/minivan profile about it. Too long, too square and too low. The
    dimensions are all wrong. Especially the rear with the high taillamps,
    terrible. They really screwed this one up. The 2007- 2013 Escalade,
    especially the Platinum edition, looked awesome. In fact, why the hell
    didnt they at least keep the fender vents? FAIL

  4. Jay Werx

    Sexiest SUV I ever seen in my life.I love my tahoe,but this new escalade
    design is Beautiful.

  5. 12thManGaming

    Hopefully this car can get rid of it’s drug dealer status lol, but its
    still a pretty balling car. Caddy is stepping their game up :)

  6. Alex Ponce

    The front it’s very attractive but the back needs to be redesign!! It’s
    sooo ugly and square, looks like a hearse.

  7. Bi Han


  8. BklynJayL

    It’s going to take a good while for me to get used to those back lights,
    but overall, it’s a very good looking Lux. SUV! Looking at this reminds me
    of how much Lincoln screwed up it’s Navigator!

  9. Kyle Blank

    I hope they add an option for the Platinum grill found on the current
    Platinums, that is a beautiful grill. Otherwise though, very nice SUV.

  10. karina rodriguez

    They simple fuck up the back part what an ugly car now
    gmc,cadillac,Chevrolet are going down.instead of going up smh

  11. dogg2727

    Don’t like the back + interior leg room for such a large vehicle appears to
    be greatly lacking.


    Love the video, but can you use another music, a longer one for the long
    videos? Thank you

  13. Raúl Fernández

    Loooooooove the front!!!!!!!!! But my goodness whomdid the back it looks
    like an electronic sucker mom crv

  14. Javarris Robinson

    I own sooooo many cadillacs, and cadillac never lost its edge, at first i
    didnt like the escalade, but now i change my mind… every cadillac being
    built is amazing. But they do need to bring back the sts sls brougham and
    deville… i have a sclass mercedes nd i rather drive my cadillac over the

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