2014 Jeep Cherokee Video Review — Edmunds.com

This Jeep Cherokee video review covers information about its engines, fuel economy, Active Drive four-wheel-drive system, off-roading capability and interior…

9 thoughts on “2014 Jeep Cherokee Video Review — Edmunds.com

  1. Acc0rd79

    its still ugly as hell. Redo the front end and it might do better. I doubt
    this will do very good, ive only ever seen one on the road and it was a
    rental. Just too ugly and you cant hide it.

  2. David S

    Pointless… Why review this “trail version” and not take it to a trail off
    road? Dont you think the people who ops for this model would want to know
    that? What’s gone into you edmunds? …… Sidenote: how do americans mfg
    manage to make their cars bigger but smaller om the inside than asians… 

  3. kevbrix

    Great video! You get all the necessary info down in less than 2:00 minutes.
    Good work!

  4. grabir01

    What a POS. I want my Bail out money back !! Now Obama.. Now !!
    Dumbass.. that goes for GM too. Sons of Bitches !!

  5. Detmer B

    Just clicked this video to see how ugly the car looks.

    Damn, that’s a hideous car !

  6. camaroman101

    what a lame review. one minute and thirty seconds was all you were able to
    talk about?

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