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Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Subaru XV SUV review – CarBuyer

  1. Mohd Farouk Yaakop

    No matter what you said about this car…but I do enjoyed driving Subaru XV

  2. Umadeabadmistake

    I don’t’ care for American made cars with the exception of the Mustang’s. I
    really don’t know what percentage drive a manual VS. an automatic. But I
    believe the trend is automatic for two reasons, for the guy that does want
    the little extra speed and two is better mileage with an automatic. I
    prefer a manual depending on what it is I’m driving or where I’m going.
    Believe me I’m all about fun! Not all Americans drive suv;s and pickup

  3. Randall Peralta

    The NA versions start around $22k and a well-equipped one gets up to the
    $27k range.

  4. VagMan123

    id lay her on the back of that car and just hammer her i mean man do you
    see the back of that car woohoo very nice car and of course i was talking
    about the car derp lol

  5. jib984

    i dont know about you guys but my father bought this car a 2012 version and
    i have to say i enjoyed every minute it in its fast for me good ride feel
    low and it has this unique look

  6. arsenalisthebest2010

    she will drive that car away. shes a freaking racing driver. utterly
    perfect wife

  7. Sale_Shark

    Nice looking and now they have reduced the price in the UK by £2.300 across
    all the range !!! Just a pity you can’t get parking sensors front and rear
    like in Australia and Japan, even though it’s the same factory and steering
    wheel on the correct side D’oh !!!

  8. TheReapersSon

    My goodness, I’m trying to concentrate on the review but all I can stare at
    is her face!

  9. MarkE077

    Well I’d take this over any Audi any day, because most Audi drivers behave
    like idiots, don’t wanna be one of them..

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