2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited

The all-new 2014 Jeep Cherokee provides a choice of three innovative 4×4 systems for best-in-class 4×4 capability in all weather conditions. The Jeep Cheroke…
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25 thoughts on “2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited

  1. StingyShoe4457

    Just bought one today the test drive sold me I wasn’t crazy over the looks
    but it’s grows on you and by far the nicest interior I’ve ever seen not to
    mention the 4×4 options are awesome don’t knock it till you try it!

  2. Robert Shatner

    I wonder how many have actually driven this car. Very few. It’s an odd
    looking Jeep to be sure, but there is NOTHING near it’s class that can
    touch it for off-road and actual driving comfort. I own a loaded 2012
    Overland and the Cherokee is not that far off it’s abilities. Fanboys can’t
    afford these babies, so they want to pretend the old bucket’o-bolts were
    good, even though they had the worst build quality going. Go look at the
    fit and finish on a Cherokee…HUGELY superior to the old models.

  3. Turbojeep23

    nothing is “limited” about cars these days. its not special at all, at
    least when the XJ was built very few limiteds were built. now they make so
    many, its not exactly limited. oh, and for the price? still a crappy

  4. Bad Drivers of Albuquerque

    Ugly as hell! First thing I thought of when I saw the thumbnail! Who
    thought if this?! It looks like an alien.

  5. Glockenator

    I expect this crap from the shitty European or Asian brands like Land Rover
    or Nissan… but not Jeep. What was wrong with the XJ Cherokee? Or the
    Comanche? Those were REAL Jeeps.

  6. Johnathan Commodore

    the designers must have been very drunk to call this a cherokee.i am no
    longer a fan if this shit is a cherokee.what happened to the attractive big
    headlights and rear tail lights.

  7. NiitroChiZz

    Absolutely disgusting… It looks cheap and defiantly doesn’t look like a
    jeep. Horrible design

  8. ijoeputa Real

    Last 2 generations where the most beautiful wtf did jeep do !?!?!?!?! This
    is the ugliest car ever!!!!!

  9. Jcrm_22@yahoo.com Jcrm_22@yahoo.com

    Wrongful way to resurrect the iconic Cherokee name plate.. fail

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