Road Test: 2014 SUV Challenge

We do a 3-row throw down, as we matchup today’s top family utilities.

14 thoughts on “Road Test: 2014 SUV Challenge

  1. mountainhobo

    Why didn’t you test Durango with a diesel engine? It would have gotten a
    lot better mpg.

  2. Acc0rd79

    thought the Pilot was ugly as hell since the beginning. Best looking for me
    is the Hyundai and I kinda figured it would do good, and I was right!
    Hyundai is just taking the market by storm these last 10 years, and im glad
    to see it since other companies like Honda/Toyota have been making snoozers
    left and right.

  3. Thomas Devito

    Honda needs to update their pilot REAL bad. It’s starting to look real
    boring and not a fun place to be

  4. aarikc17

    Disappointing video. Why even mention $ when they are all within $1k of
    each other, and highlight hp and mpg while glossing over more relevant
    information that actually may help the consumer make informed decisions.

  5. Andrew Price

    I appreciate what you guys are trying to do here and this is more of a
    first look assessment on SUVs, but how can you rank the Pathfinder 4th when
    its reliability numbers are so bad? Nissan in general, with a few key
    exceptions, just does not make vehicles that stand up to the test of time.
    The Hyundai SantaFe is a bit more defensible (although early reliability
    data shows it only being average), but personally I think Toyota’s history
    in terms of building cars that last and hold their resell value should put
    the Highlander on top. (And this coming from someone that historically
    loathes Toyota’s driving characteristics.) Sure it is not exciting and it
    is not going to offer you the best bang for the buck, but given that
    households today are holding onto vehicles longer than ever: I think
    reliability and projected cost of maintenance should play a big factor in
    your ratings.

  6. Xavier Mangubat

    Honda needs to redo the Pilot! The last time there was a full redesign was
    2008. It’s the oldest of all its competitors and if it was redone, I bet it
    would’ve been in the top 4. Even higher than the Highlander since the last
    time Motorweek did a SUV comparison, last year, or was it 2012, the Pilot
    was number one.

  7. foxxmufasa

    you guys need to step outta the 80’s… your intro and music sounds so old
    and lets your videos feel outdated 

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