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25 thoughts on “Peugeot 3008 MPV 2014 review – Carbuyer

  1. Nikhil Kashyap

    I really have no interest whatsoever in this car. Except Miss Rebecca

  2. benzfen

    I really cant see the advantages of the split rear door – it makes the
    access to the boot more complicated especially for not very tall persons.
    If your lugged is near the back seats you should climb into the car…

  3. Bright Ivan

    I always wanted a 308 or 3008 for the glass roof. Too bad everyone asked me
    to avoid it because of reliability issues and underpowered engine.

  4. 1seipai

    Omg how hideous can you get? A mid life face lift from a drunk plastic
    surgeon! Lol. I mean the car of course. 

  5. 2600asteph

    lol is rebacca reading all the comments about her body ? she becomes
    certainly all red ! otherwise this peugeot 3008 is a good car with very
    good handling and confort . the best of his category 

  6. SuperWHIZZO

    Rebecca showed us the lovely rear to this new 2008 !!. Looks like Peugeot
    have dropped the daft kiddy-car small steering wheel on this one which is a
    good thing.

  7. alrightbob

    I presume there was no mention of the glove box as it’s tiny with the fuse
    box. The French never seem to bother switching that with the steering wheel
    when making Irish, UK versions. They didn’t even bother switching the hinge
    on the central cubby FFS. 

  8. Zereniti77

    Every time I read the comments on CarBuyer review by Rebecca, I get
    embarrased because I belong to the same sex as the mouth-breathers on
    YouTube making sexist comments. You people are a fucking disgrace.

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