2012 Volvo XC 60 Test Drive & Crossover SUV Review

http://www.autobytel.com/volvo/xc60/2012/ The 2012 Volvo XC60 is a Crossover SUV that combines good looks, impeccable safety, and lots of luxury. The XC60 ha…
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24 thoughts on “2012 Volvo XC 60 Test Drive & Crossover SUV Review

  1. kvabate

    Nope, this isn’t a 2012. It’s a 2010. For the 2011 model year, volvo re-did
    the navigation system. Go look at a picture of the 2012 model online. There
    is a re-designed knob for the navigation near the radio.

  2. Yokie Miller

    Isn’t it time for you boys to do your homework, brush your teeth and go to

  3. tupolev141

    If you put 2012 in the title of your video, then make sure you actually
    test the 2012 model.

  4. oscar trujillo

    NO the CR-V looks like this car the taillights like that are a signature
    look to volvo so no it doesnt look like a cr-v the cr-v looks looks like
    the volvo

  5. columbuscrewfan20

    Ok My mom 06 Lexus has a remote tailgate open n plus it also close with
    remote, it nothing new. Btw your voice sound very boring.

  6. columbuscrewfan20

    My mom Lexus has a open n close power liftgate w/ keyless entry. Look like
    a Honda CR-V from the back.

  7. dw1640isdukew714

    Yep. 2010 model. Love her comment on the rear hatch — it’s set up that way
    for safety, dear. Don’t want to crush children with a remote push, now do
    we? And these comments! Does it really matter how long Lexus has had a push
    button? They still don’t have the dual-diagonal brakes Volvo has had since
    1966. If your Mom felt safe in a tarted-up Toyota Camry, good on her. This
    is the safest you and your family can be. They drive pretty well, too. Add
    in the looks, and it’s an easy choice.

  8. Canstud1974

    That interior is way to busy and the wood grain doesn’t match up with any
    of it!!

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