2012 Chevrolet Equinox Test Drive & Crossover SUV Video Review

http://www.autobytel.com/chevrolet/equinox/2012/ The 2012 Chevrolet Equinox is a compact crossover SUV in a segment that is usually dominated by the likes of…

21 thoughts on “2012 Chevrolet Equinox Test Drive & Crossover SUV Video Review

  1. JRLM

    These super reliable affordable SUV’s are great vehicles, but all look ugly
    as hell when compared to the expensive to maintain, poor gas mileage, but
    extremely beautiful land rover brand. Why does life have to work like this?
    why does the quality product have to look so horrible next to the sexy

  2. daddyavalos9

    Oh and by the way Own the upgraded 2014 Cx5 2.5L 185hp and yeah the 2013
    was a little underpowered but still overall better than the equinox. Way
    better fuel consumption. Did i forget to mention i started off working for
    chevy? Whats inevitable for chevy is another goverment bailout or chevy
    going under because of lack of vision. The only good reputation chevy holds
    is for their pick up trucks and in my opinion that will not be enough to
    save them. : )

  3. MrMitch779

    Anyone know what the large thing is on top of the battery? Just looks like
    a heat sink.

  4. mlps93

    Chevy is failing horribly in design trying to put camaro parts into all
    their vehicles

  5. TheDarkknightraven

    my top 5 crossover suv would b cus i tried them all. #1 ford escape #2
    honda crv #3 mazda cx5 #4 chevy equinox #5 acura rdx. although the equinox
    offers a bit more room

  6. daddyavalos9

    Really i didnt know that 16 year olds could test drive cars. Oh and by the
    way you are talking to a mechanic whos been in the business for over 15
    years, almost as long as youve been born. Ive owned about 7 new vehicles
    and couple more leased. You should really stop believing everything you
    read it makes you sound ignorant. Mazda has been in the top 10 car company
    for consumer reports and it was 4 last year. Chevy never makes the top ten

  7. dogboy757

    what you saying we can’t drive them i think you should not comment if you
    are going to be rude

  8. Marlon C.

    Good review. I know everyone has their own opinion but my mom has a Equinox
    and it is absolutely wonderful. We have the four cylinder I have heard the
    V6 is whiney but we love ours. Its got plenty of get up. It outruns my moms
    old Buick V6. And please dont compare the CX5 to this.

  9. daddyavalos9

    No i would never compare the cx5 to this piece of junk. Dont worry this
    piece of crap isnt even in the same league as the cx5

  10. vladsly

    I love my Equinox, plenty of power and I love how loud the engine is.
    Sounds like (and drives like) a powerful sports sedan, while still offering
    the luxuries of an SUV!

  11. rcfreak35

    My wife bought a 2013 model, very good vehicle and fun to drive. There will
    always be pros and cons for every vehicle out there! Remember, they are
    made by imperfect men and women. Even machines make mistakes!

  12. Ryan Neugebauer

    Better than this bubble sht they come out with now, mazda cx-5 FAIL, the
    new ford escape FAIL, but that’s what happens when GO GREENERS AND ASIANS
    head up the designs. LONG LIVE THE MAZDA TRIBUTE. This is by far the nicest
    of the suv’s I have seen recently.

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