Nissan Armada quick take from Consumer Reports

Nissan Armada quick take from Consumer Reports

The Nissan Armada is Nissan’s large, truck-based SUV. It’s been around for a long time. Is it still worth considering? See how the Nissan Armada stacks up ag…
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16 thoughts on “Nissan Armada quick take from Consumer Reports

  1. MySamisbest

    I don’t really think vehicles HAVE to be little kid to door handle
    friendly. They don’t need to be opening it anyway. Little kids like to play
    with doors. It’s a good thing little kids can’t reach the rear handle.

  2. prestb

    I agree with this video, but I can’t stand the touchy throttle. But then
    again, learning to drive in a huge vehicle with this powerful of an engine
    isn’t fun for me. :P

  3. Tim Joseph

    This vehicle has a discount of $4400 off the M.S.R.P., since it doesn’t
    sell that well. Gas mileage, outdated design, and cost of vehicle are 3
    main reasons why not many people buy this vehicle.

  4. himakgam

    I fail to see how patrol is a better nissan. I have driven both have you?
    Am I missing smthg? (I agree this model is dinosaur) .

  5. SanDiegoInnOut

    Fake wood trim. FINALLY someone else besides me speaks about it. Years ago,
    I was told by a Cadillac salesman that the Escalade (which I now would
    never buy for various reasons) had all real wood…I knew it was fake the
    whole time.

  6. doofy148

    Nissan Titan pickuptruck needs big changes! The Armada needs to look like a
    new Pathfinder.

  7. remelsheikh

    Its been almost 10 years this suv is still in production. I think nissan
    will be giving this a redesign when then bring out the new Titan.

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