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25 thoughts on “Honda CR-V SUV review – CarBuyer

  1. notformebeaky

    Honda, holding up the stereotype of dreary, uninspiring Japanese design.

    Product aim: “build an inoffensive looking car, with a drab, dreary,
    uninspiring build, inside and out, that does nothing to make you want to
    drive it, and doesn’t make it feel a special car to own” Check. Well done
    Honda. Making cars for people who don’t like cars.

  2. Bryant Willy Rans

    I feel like the new CR-V is better looking because it looks like it’s more
    tough and hard looking. But at first impressions is terrible sometimes. 

  3. Timothy C

    is this the top selling model in UK?? using manual transmission??? wow i
    couldn’t believe it!!! I never seen a manual type of CRV in Indonesia,
    because in Indonesia most of people buy the auto type, and the top selling
    model in Indonesia is the 2.4L petrol engine with 5 speed auto transmission

  4. Jordan Gauger

    We get none of this on the US spec CR-V, we don’t even get a panoramic
    sunroof or driver assistance on the rebadged Acura RDX.

  5. radu rosca

    BMW X3 wouldn’t be a better choice if you fancy a little bit of
    reliability. BMW’s are crap nowadays, too many trips to the mechanic.

  6. Dwi Rianto

    I bet this is the most crossover vehicle to load entire family up. Some
    people says it cost too much than other competitors, in same specs, the
    audio not too good, well … it’s a car it’s not a home 3D audio surround
    theater FGS LOL.

  7. cheesefrogsnail

    I think you do not realize how sexy is your accent…maybe because i am
    French but really it is a symphony to my ears (and so easy to understand
    as well)

  8. Rohit Eligeti

    Really hate the rear design, should have been more like Bezel…overall
    it’s good car

  9. Rev It Up

    I’m fine not getting all the luxuries on the US Spec CRV, i really just
    want the US to get a Manual Tranny!

  10. Romalex Alexandru

    In the EU a brand new X3 with entry level specs is 38 000 euro with a 143
    bhp engine. This Honda is like 26 000 to 30 000 euro fully loaded, but with
    the same power. Maybe she was talking about the X1. X1 entry level model
    with 116 bhp is around 26 000 euro, top specs with xdrive are beyond 40 000
    euro. 19% VAT included in all the prices. And a Hyundai Santa Fe is around
    38 000 euro, VAT included, fully loaded with 197 bhp diesel engine. So
    Honda is cheap, for a quality SUV.

  11. Bill Hetherington

    you guys in the UK are lucky. here in Canada/US, the CR-V does not have
    remote hatch entry , push button hatch closure, or panoramic sunroof ,
    even at the Touring level … :-(

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