2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek | New Crossover SUV Review | on Everyman Driver

2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek | New Crossover SUV Review | on Everyman Driver

2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek Review on Everyman Driver. Visit http://www.everymandriver.com/ Support the EMD Team with a Gas Card via Paypal: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick…
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25 thoughts on “2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek | New Crossover SUV Review | on Everyman Driver

  1. Wells306

    Luckily, the radio is a typical double din size making it easily

  2. LaRiche Toyota

    A Great Review from Everyman Driver on the 2013 ‪#‎Subaru‬ XV Crosstrek.

    Watch, you may just understand why there’s A LOT TO LOVE!

  3. Bailey Wong

    My crosstrek is just over a month old now and the handling is a little bit
    stiffer than that of an 2006 forester XS Premium model. This isn’t a bad
    thing because it definitely gave me a better feel of the road. My old
    forester you could drive with your pinkie, the steering was that easy! The
    forester would pick up a lot more speed while cruising than the XV which
    stays a nice constant pace but provides you with the strength to speed up
    when you need to. Space wise, the forester wins out. The trunk space was
    enough for me to take naps in and had no trouble with storing a lot of
    luggage. The crosstrek although smaller than the forester, is still pretty
    impressive especially since the seats fold down. What I miss the most is
    the panoramic sun roof I had with the forester, isn’t in the new crosstrek.
    The sun roof on the XV is half the size :(

  4. fernando montano

    I like u guys reviews!!! Can u guys do a review on 2013 4runner please!!?

  5. Everyman Driver

    @Knyajo – we’ve been making a point to say how tall we are (Alex is 6’2,
    Dave is 5’11), thank you for the suggestion – Dave

  6. Vincent Fung

    Great review guys. This is my first video that i have watched from your
    channel, and so far,i’m very satisfied and i’ve got a new channel that i
    can depend on for new videos.

  7. killersushi99

    Ok heres a recap. tutunci owns a 1970’s Piaggio scooter. Isnt a english
    teacher (thank god). Comes from Europe and gives fashion advice to car
    reviewers. Because as we know what you wear when your doing a car review is
    VERY important. XD

  8. pancakes30

    It’s crazy. I have a ’98 Outback Sport, which is essentially what this car
    is, and it only has ten more horsepower after after fifteen years. Subarus
    are no-frill cars, but mine has 300,000 all-original miles on the clock and
    shows no signs of slowing down yet.

  9. Abraham Sandoval Burgos

    I actually find the review very useful and I understand what Dave & Alex
    say “It feels like a Subaru.” Everyone has their own style and as for me I
    enjoy eveymandriver.

  10. modmatt1

    Jorge Romani hit the nail on the head! 6sp. manual will put EPA at or above
    the CVTs plus you get all the fun and right gear at the right time
    experience. Please offer this Subaru!. I’d still take the 5sp. manual over
    the CVT at any rate. Did you guy drive one with the manual?

  11. ldawson103

    Interior wouldn’t look out of place in a ten year old car, not good. Liked
    the review though.

  12. monu6ment

    Did this get reposted by mistake? The review was a couple months ago…that
    said, nice balanced review. As with most all auto reviews, folks can’t help
    to slam Subaru Nav systems. What’s worrisome is this particular Nav unit is
    a new ‘model they put on the BRZ, ’14 Forester and Crosstrek, since the
    previous unit got slammed. Seems that Subaru either needs to get another
    infotainment supplier or the reviews can’t help be influenced by the
    previous poor Nav units. Not sure which at this point.

  13. david dykeman

    Nice review guys. These would sell like hotcakes in Canada if we were able
    to get them for what you guys pay. Other cars like Honda, Toyota and Lexus
    are priced more in line with your pricing. I’d like to see you guys review
    a 2013 S4 keeping with your theme on AWD cars.

  14. Bob Keilitz

    I looked at this vehicle at a couple of auto shows, and I like it a lot. At
    this point, this one holds more appeal for me than the Forester or the
    Outback. Can’t wait to test one! One suggestion, guys . . . I know that you
    like this park to do your reviews in (probably allows you to get secluded
    camera time), but I’d like to see you drive these in more “real world”
    environments. Let’s hear that CVT on an on-ramp. Keep up the good work!
    Love the videos!

  15. Knyajo

    I loved your review. It was laid back and to the point. I do have one
    criticism, though. I don’t understand why car reviewers say “I’m a pretty
    big guy” as if that’s some kind of useful metric. Just tell us how tall you
    are. But again, great review.

  16. Bob Keilitz

    Hey guys, a question regarding cvts if you don’t mind. You mention that
    you’ve driven other vehicles with a CV tranny, so I’m curious to know which
    one you think is best.

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