Consumer Reports pulls 3 car recommendations

Consumer Reports pulls 3 car recommendations

Consumer Reports has pulled its recommendation from three midsize SUVs after their poor overall performance in a new crash test by the Insurance Institute fo…

22 thoughts on “Consumer Reports pulls 3 car recommendations

  1. ThinkOutsideTheCube

    Being pulled from the list is what they deserve, CR shouldn’t recommend an
    unsafe car for a buyer and their family. How can people even argue with

  2. accordguy0325

    Another marketing gimmick by a desperate Consumer Reports in need of more
    subscribers. Pathetic.

  3. fordhouse8b

    Why are cars designed to pass tests? Shouldn’t the engineers and designers
    be told that the car should be able withstand a variety of impacts from
    multiple angles? This reminds me a bit of how kids are prepared to pass
    standardized tests rather than being educated. How can an engineer not have
    fought that the car might be involved in this type of frontal collision?
    Obviously the answer is that they did know that but ignored it because
    management was mainly interested in high scores, not high safety. 

  4. ThreeDigitIQ

    Throughout our country, phone pole suicides have been on the increase due
    to rapid adoption of wireless technology. With more and more phone polls
    jumping out in front of cars, it is important that car manufactures take
    this risk seriously and plan for such accidents in their SUV designs.

  5. pedrof830

    Why not just STOP TEXTING AND DRIVING and then all these cars don’t have to
    be built like crashing is inevitable.

  6. Wells306

    Well what do ya know? Consumer Reports reporting bad news on Asian cars?!
    Oh lordy lord, perhaps they don’t hate American manufacturers.

  7. Marloon

    Let’s just wrap and lock our kids inside the house, the world is too

    But on a more serious note, cars are getting too bloated these days. Safety
    standards strips away from lightweight fun handling cars. 

  8. TheK24Kyle

    this is a load of shit. of course no car designed before this test came out
    will do great in it. they are specifically targeting areas they know autos
    wont do well with this test. it focuses thousands of newtons of force on a
    single corner of a car. the honda pilot is a top saftey pick in the normal
    crash tests, and so are the cx-9, etc. shit people bought cars with top
    safety picks before this test came out and i bet they lived in a crash. the
    prius V, rav-4, and LOADS of other cars didnt fare well in this either and
    its no suprise because they weren’t designed after this test. the media and
    channels like this are filling peoples heads with the notions that these
    cars are death traps because they didnt pass a test that was designed to
    target them 5 years into their prime lifecycle. BS. not to mention consumer
    reports has had it in for cars like the pilot and other since the redesign
    in 2009 despite its roaring success and other rave reviews. we spent over
    36 grand on our car over two years ago and i highly doubt anyones gonna
    turn theirs in because of this.

  9. CanBoChoChet

    Wow Pilot did not even make the cut. Save mass to improve mpg while improve
    safety? Daunting tasks for engineers…hopefully none will go postal.

  10. David Micklow

    The next Apple TV is supposed to have gaming capabilities so I would look
    out for that.

  11. happy543210

    The Mazda is a re-badged Ford Edge. The Kia is just Korean crap, but
    Honda??? I think you better recheck your list!

  12. Tim Joseph

    All three of these SUVs are due for major redesigns for next year, so
    hopefully the body structures from these vehicles should be far better than
    their current ratings. All these SUVs have body styles that date back to
    2008 for the CX-9 and Pilot, and 2010 for the Sorento, which should be
    replaced with the Hyundai SantaFe bodystyle.

  13. talldude123

    Time for car manufacturers to go back to the good old tried and true
    body-on-frame SUV…

  14. God Lee

    Import cars no long design in their country anymore. Some car is being
    built in the states now.

  15. icantw8

    Yeah this is why the new Civic and Accord (both cars which were redesigned
    in 2012 and earlier) had Good ratings in the small over-lap test. This test
    debuted around that timeline when IIHS started testing 2012 models. I
    expect the next gen Pilot to do far better.

  16. quietguy1948

    Damn hard for (any) manufacturer to pre-guess what new safety standards are
    coming down the pike, and build their vehicles accordingly…

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