2014 Jeep Cherokee first drive | Consumer Reports

Resurrecting a much loved nameplate, the Jeep Cherokee brings a modern SUV to the Jeep stable. Unique features include a nine-speed automatic transmission, a…

25 thoughts on “2014 Jeep Cherokee first drive | Consumer Reports

  1. NGMonocrom

    Easily being able to hit $40,000 on a vehicle with the Cherokee nameplate?


  2. Josh Lewis

    I know of a real Jeep at 1/10th the cost, that can out pull, out last, and
    can run circles around the new Ckerokee off road. It is called the Jeep
    Cherokee, from the 1990’s. And when you need new parts, you can get some
    from a scrap yard for cheap.

  3. Moneyneversaves

    C’mon consumer report! why deleting my comment. i was telling the truth.
    this car is so cheap looking. it looks awfull and design is cheap as
    chinese cheap toy car. this car is too overpriced underteched and ugly as
    hell. who ever designed or made an decision to produce this car should be
    fired. I have a right to express my opinion so dont delete my comment. that
    is not fair

  4. Turbojeep23

    give me a good old XJ any day. 2 solid Dana axles and a real 4-wheel drive
    system is what make a Jeep a Jeep, and not a Fiat. 

  5. KE5APJ

    Looks UGLY & lighting package looks like something from outer space & NOT a
    JEEP… Bring back the or the original utilitarian style of Cherokee..
    Those who have tried this insect looking SUV, can’t get out of it fast
    enough… (Former JEEP owner)

  6. tshirt87

    The XJ base model, yes base model, 4×4 was more off-road capable than the
    top of the line Trail hawk with lockers and 2 speed xfer case. Why should
    we have to spend 37g on a trail hawk for good off-road performance? They
    should offer a 4×4 package on the base model for people who don’t care
    about automatic lift gates, touch screens and reverse cameras. This video
    even said they wouldn’t take the non trail hawk off-road and compared it to
    the CRV. If most people don’t take their SUV off-road then don’t buy a Jeep
    in the first place. You wouldn’t buy a truck to save on fuel or a prius to
    go drag racing. Please stop telling Jeep to accommodate your city lifestyle
    because you feel it’s “cool” to own one.

  7. Lance Givens

    This is perfect for me. I can fit it in my garage.

    Nostalgia is cool but I’m glad they took the look into the future. And they
    made a version for the off road type and the not so off road type.

  8. Tim Joseph

    The biggest competitor to the Cherokee would be the 2014 Subaru Forester,
    which can also go off-road.

  9. tepeke88

    Lmao that song and when tom says “because thats how we roll” hahahahahaha
    funny! Wanted to hear more about how the 9 speed auto behaves, given that
    its a first. 

  10. Quique D.

    I went to the Orlando Auto Show in Florida. And they have a huge
    demonstration platform for Jeep. In my opinion, the new Jeep Cherokee
    should have been a Jeep Liberty. But that doesn’t mean that the Jeep
    Cherokee is a bad car. It actually is super nice and very refined compared
    to the Liberty. I found it very expensive for a CUV. 30k can get a better
    vehicle than a Dart based CUV. In my opinion of course.

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