Battle of the Crossover SUV’s: Honda v Mazda v Toyota

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25 thoughts on “Battle of the Crossover SUV’s: Honda v Mazda v Toyota

  1. prandomable

    how can you define the technical difference between crossover and a real
    original SUV??

  2. bg12082007

    Who in the real world drives cars like this? NYC cab drivers? The Honda
    Pilot has a lot of room in the 2nd and 3rd row and since I have kids and
    parents to drive around, it was my choice. The Mazda is very nice and the
    Toyota is just bleh.

  3. ER B

    Wow the Hondas faster then that!!!!!!! Get your facts straight. Hilander
    will run away and u will die. Mazda I love. Test drove and it’s great! I
    love the pilot dearly though.

  4. 360ModsAll4You

    @shazzakhan99 stfu mazda sucks dick honda got best mainanence snow or dirt
    got nothing on me

  5. Thomas Rowe

    All you Toyota boneheads hate to tell you but Honda sells more Pilots than
    toyota does highlanders!HAHAHAHAHA………………………….

  6. coolerdude44

    @stefcioo1 you’re right… it’s sold in australia. when you said europe, i
    thought you meant uk, france, italy, etc. i wasn’t thinking of eastern

  7. Sean Q

    We have test drove the highlander and pilot. For driving experience, mazda
    is the best. It isnt boring like the pilot, or highlander. And despite its
    heavy weight, it feels the lightest of all 3. Overall, mazda IS the best
    out of all three

  8. Eric Rivera

    The Pilot was built to be driven like a car. Without a doubt is the best of
    the three!

  9. Cole Middleton

    @Jaso4444 The Enclave is comparable in price to these cars, but maybe a
    little bit more. However, what do you expect for a nicer car.

  10. vroom1515

    Or. You could buy a Hyundai Santa Fe (like mine) or a Hyundai Tucson. You
    won’t be disappointed, I’m certainly not. DOHC Engines FTW!

  11. tzikinini

    @dwk331 .. ooppss my bad! Murano’s are small ones.. and thought it was the
    Armada. Coz im not into Nissan eversince…

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