Ford EcoSport vs Renault Duster – Compact SUV Battle puts the Ford EcoSport against the Renault Duster in a head to head comparison shootout. Both these cars have changed the dimension…
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25 thoughts on “Ford EcoSport vs Renault Duster – Compact SUV Battle

  1. Abhishek Aggarwal

    Duster 110ps is The Best..Ford Eco sport is Bull shit. When I drove my
    Duster between Delhi-jammu ( india ) Highway. . It was awesome moment to
    drive. The milage was around 18kmpl at 23oorpm. One Eco sports at ludhiana
    road want to race qith me You cant believe duster 110ps at 6th gear was
    flying and eco sport was far behind even I can feel the same car was also
    at his best speed. But Duster was like a devil on road. Good control on
    road ABS helps a lot. Love you Duster. Fuck off Eco sport. Note : Dusters
    controllable speed is 130kmph.

  2. TheHandsome Jack

    Duster is a nice car, but don’t spend on any variant over Rs.10 lakhs, its
    not really worth the money.

  3. mahesh reddy

    hi guys offence but learn how to drive on road first and show to the

  4. Anmol Chopra

    duster is huge.. has plenty of boot space … the rear seat can veeery
    easily accommodate 3 ppl… maybe even 4…. but overall ..considering the
    looks, performance, economy i think ford nailed it with the eco (u
    pronounce it wrong btw) sport…. unfortunately here in Delhi, eco sport
    has been completely booked for atleast 3 months… so duster is what i am
    going for.

  5. Prakash Gohel

    require more availability of Eco sport for Visibility on All Indian
    Highways and City road because this is a Urban SUV……

  6. Zain Mahdi

    I loved the EcoSport very much!!! Thanks for the review.. 🙂 Can you tell
    me what is the price for 1.0 EcoBoost Titanium model in Uttar Pradesh??

  7. Yugendran N

    You guys do a great comparison .. You are my 2nd favourite automotive
    revivewers … But I do wish more changes in your videos ..

  8. Eau Rouge

    Cool video mate… Well…at least in South America they both come in a 4×4
    option, so theoretically they are off road capable. In my opinion the
    Duster, despite some safety issues, is the better option if what you seek
    is off road capability.

  9. MotorBeam

    Thanks Amit. The EcoBoost powered EcoSport will return a good 1.5 km/l more
    than the standard 1.5-litre petrol. However the additional amount you pay
    doesn’t justify but don’t forget the EcoBoost engine performs way better
    and has higher power and torque output.

  10. MotorBeam

    Yes, that is the biggest issue with the styling but then Rs. 1 lakhs is
    saved in excise duty due to sub 4-metre length.

  11. Thomson Varghese

    This review would have been better, if the drives drove in the designated
    lanes on the road

  12. MotorBeam

    Agreed, Volkswagen cars are nightmare when it comes to maintenance. If VW
    is so confident, they should offer 10 year warranty like Ford.

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