$40,000 3-Row SUV Challenge

We focused this Challenge on three-row SUVs that cost less than 000, including a destination charge, and achieved at least 19 mpg in EPA combined city/hi…
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25 thoughts on “$40,000 3-Row SUV Challenge

  1. juan tafoya

    Dodge or Hyundai? No thanks reliability is a big issue, Highlander is #1

  2. ThinkOutsideTheCube

    Sometimes I feel the 1st generation Pilot is better than the current

  3. rnorred1986

    The Pilot is so damn ugly & cheap looking! The first generation Pilot was
    much nicer!

  4. Babbford

    I’d go cx9 all day sexy!! Mazdas whole we lineup is sexy i have a fully
    loaded 2014 Mazda 6 too

  5. 1999myself1

    I would go for the CX 9. No other car provides such a fun drive. And I
    think that the judges weren’t listening to the sound of the CX 9 carefully.
    It is the best for me!!

  6. acuras4ever

    Give the pilot a break, it and the mazda are the oldest in yhe group. Just
    wait for the new generations. 

  7. Will Bar

    Should have tried the Kia Sorrento, I never had it or been in one but I
    owned a Kia Sportage.

  8. jmc6000

    These judges must have bad hearing because the 3.7 is my 2013 CX9 sounds

  9. FoodyTunes

    People hate on the Traverse for no reason. It may not have all the tech,
    but it’s a super solid car. I think less tech is actually better these
    days, until all of the quirks are sorted out and the automakers can figure
    out how the systems work best. Simplicity is strong in the Traverses case
    because it benefits from good practicality this way.

  10. Just an observer

    The Hyundai Santa Fey is the best value for the dollar. It’s being
    reflected in the sales for the month of March ’14. One tester said it was’t
    big enough….to just the right size. Not a behemoth like the Ford Explorer
    which styling wise I like.

  11. luisinhoens90

    You guys have just forgotten to include the best selling vehicle in this
    segment: Ford Explorer.
    Not to say that it would have taken the top places on your comparison but
    it would be a good reference considering the relevance it has in this

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