2014 Audi SQ5 Test Drive Video Review – 354 Horsepower Crossover SUV

http://www.autobytel.com/audi/sq5/2014/?id=32972 The 2014 Audi SQ5 is one of the only crossovers on the market that push fun to the top of the list. The S-Li…
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25 thoughts on “2014 Audi SQ5 Test Drive Video Review – 354 Horsepower Crossover SUV

  1. n777ua

    Intro was too generically scripted. You’re a wagon person? Geeze, I’ve
    never heard thy before 

  2. Jatin Bhatia

    $64K???WTH!! Its a Q5….i cannot imagine anyone paying that to buy this. 

  3. Gregory Jones

    When will Audi Corporation simply re-badge the side fender to read V6S
    since the engine is a Supercharged V6 and not a Turbocharged V6. As you can
    see the side fender reads V6T. Therefore buyers/leasers and automotive
    enthusiasts will assume this Audi Q5 Turbo. Please Audi Corporation fix the
    side fender name of the Supercharged Q5 V6 to V6S or V6s. Thank you Audi
    when the change has been made.

  4. proteanview

    Whereas I definitely covet & lust, the Q5 has the same design as the (still
    beautiful) Q7. That design has been around for 8 years. That’s a good run,
    but it’s looking a little dated. Even the well-regarded Audi interior looks
    a bit dated with the small satnav and big plastic buttons around it. Audi
    has gained some serious traction over the years. It can’t afford to sit
    back for too much longer, especially with Merc launching a brand new style
    philosophy. I smell a redesign coming soon…. hopefully… for Audi’s

  5. marc1093280

    This car looks like it needs an interior update; I would expect more from

  6. Landon Thomas

    I CANNOT believe you’ve just compared a CX 5 to a SQ5. There’re not even in
    the same size category. And one is a family SUV and is a luxury SUV. And
    the SQ5 does compete with the Macan. Actually, it competes DIRECTLY at the

  7. michael vansteenkiste

    are u sure it its not turbocharged ? never have seen an audi with
    supercharger though

  8. Li Che

    100K for Macan S? LOL? similar equipped its about 15% more max. a normal
    Macan S with all the goodies is about 67k.

  9. Nicola Ruggiero

    Fan of your videos; great review, content, and charisma. Wagon enthusiast
    myself, but since there are limited selections, SQ5 is high on my list.

  10. Ronney Pridgon

    Nice review. I can’t agree more, they need to bring Avants to the states!

  11. Ovi Muresan

    The guy is a complete idiot!!! He doesn’t know anything about German cars
    or Audi S class… Shame on him, he should be fired!

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