2013 Range Rover Offroad / Water [1/2]

2013 Range Rover Offroad THE ALL-NEW RANGE ROVER Land Rover has announced the launch of the All-New Range Rover, the world’s most refined and capable SUV. Th…

25 thoughts on “2013 Range Rover Offroad / Water [1/2]

  1. Imad Miloudi

    if u have this Range rover will u do with it like this ??dont think so but
    if u have toyota im sure it will more easy to do with it like this ? we
    have big sahara in my country i dont think it steal alive too much this
    Range there but Toyota yes.it very nice car but not for to be always in
    hard situation sometimes ok it for city this pretty car ;-)

  2. Moparman90

    I just can’t abide going off road with low profile tires and rims. Range
    Rover should offer and adventure pack.

  3. Josue Amezcua

    jeep better step up there game when it comes to water wading depth. these
    rovers are beasts in that water. Im a jeep Rubicon fan myself but gotta
    give it up for rovers on this one. way to go guys.

  4. Ranging Gamer

    Lets have a vote….money no object, what would you choose.
    Range Rover Vogue or Toyota Land cruiser?

  5. mammothborderDC

    until they hit 30,000 miles hahaa jk. these new ones are getting way better
    with reliability.

  6. bobouistic

    ive always been a great fan of the landcruiser vx but this new range is a
    beast waaaat a BEAST!!!

  7. эхо гольф

    i like this, only thing I don’t like is they look too ‘street’, mostly
    cause of the wheels, and low profile tires

  8. ThePacnu3gau

    Глупые американцы)у нас на дорогах лужи больше)оффроад надо делать в грязи
    где по пояс ил и там испытывать а не в лужах кататься=)

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