2012 Mercedes-Benz ML350 Test Drive & Luxury SUV Review

http://www.autobytel.com/mercedes-benz/m-class/2012/?id=32972 The 2012 Mercedes-Benz ML350 is now in its 3rd generation and as you can see the current SUV ha…

25 thoughts on “2012 Mercedes-Benz ML350 Test Drive & Luxury SUV Review

  1. BacklotVegas

    Buy the ML if 1) u are a lawyer, 2) have kids, 3) are over 30. Buy the x5
    if you 1) are under 30, 2) have rich parents, 3) are trying hard to be cool

  2. Omar Guseynov

    Can someone tell me, on ML350 2012 how many miles can you go on full tank
    in the city?

  3. wonderwin3000

    You are wrong. Mercedes-Benz started the luxury SUV segment with the
    ML-class in 1996. They had actually come up with the idea of the ML even
    longer before then. Immediately after, the Japanese copied the Germans yet
    again with the RX. But every luxury SUV thereafter was influenced by the
    Mercedes ML, it is the original and the best.

  4. bmwmsport11

    Are you sure MB started the luxury SUV segment? Last I heard the 1999 RX300
    was the first and it influenced every car based SUV today.

  5. Marky Mark

    DUDE You forgot Land Rover, Range Rover, Jeep and Yes, Other American
    Brands before M. Benz

  6. 445CR

    I do like the ML, think its great, but I am sorry, Mercedes didn’t invent
    the luxury SUV market at all. Land Rover invented it 20 years earlier with
    the Range Rover. He is right about bringing the luxury SUV model to the
    states though. The ML invented the whole segment in the states.

  7. zachazl

    I don’t think this is a review. Why don’t you highlight some of the
    not-so-good-things, you’re not criticizing; only reading aloud from their
    car magazine.

  8. ThePersianguy88

    no the Q7 is a large suv, the ML and RX350 are midsize, the Q5 & X3 are
    small suv’s they are half of the RX

  9. warrominator

    he was telling the ml was the first luxury suv… well it isnt, range rover
    was 😉

  10. bogdan m

    i prefer the ML because , x5 is slightly sportier for example the 3 litter
    diesel cars cost the same but the ML has 13 horse power more so their
    pretty much the same power and price around 70k euro , but I consider the
    ML to be more classy looking and better looking interior and better
    offroader , and the Mercedes has a 2.2 litter diesel ML that even cheaper
    and economical.but GO to a dealer and drive them BOTH,you may like the way
    the merc looks but love the way the X5 drives ! both are great

  11. bogdan m

    pretty similar , ml better offroad and looks more premium , x5 better
    handling and more sporty .

  12. wonderwin3000

    Wow this new ML is a beautiful SUV. The redesign looks great and the ride
    is amazing. Mercedes is the best, it’s true.

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