2012 GMC Terrain Road Test & Crossover SUV Review

http://www.autobytel.com/gmc/terrain/2012/ The 2012 GMC Terrain is a crossover SUV that looks unlike any other. The exterior design is very masculine with sq…

25 thoughts on “2012 GMC Terrain Road Test & Crossover SUV Review

  1. Billy Sou

    Ron, you’re right. The V-6 Terrain and cousin Equinox is a little on the
    thirsty. The I-4 will work for many, and should average around 25-26 mpg.

  2. Derail07

    I want to see your gas needle after 24 hours… AND common problems so I
    dont have to sit at the dealer service department… I dont care about the

  3. RT360ci

    At 1:15 the rear hatch has the height adj. setting so the hatch doesn’t hit
    the roof of some garages. I know that was the issue with my older Durango,
    albeit it was also a few inches taller to the roof.

  4. Billy Sou

    @browser293 Yours is the 2.4 L I-4, right? FWD or AWD? I really like this
    vehicle, and do you have a back-up camera, too? I’m glad you enjoy your

  5. Rick Turnage

    I bought a 2011 in July, the bought a 2012 in December. I’m getting 34 MPG
    HWY/ 28 MPG average. The sound system in the 2012 is awesome. I use the
    vehicle for traveling to and from shows. I can get an entire drum set in it
    and still be able to see out the rear view. I LOVE the Terrain!

  6. born2juice4ever

    Hello all, I have owned the Terrain 2012 since May 2012. It cost me
    expensive as hell! Because I have all the bells and whistles on it. But
    this thing is the most amazing car I have driven in 37years. I have owned a
    few top of the line vehicles in the past, this one gets 9/10 But yes if
    youre shopping for gas economy, this is not the one. We have tons of snow
    here in Canada, driving in the snow has been safe and strong!!

  7. PussMag

    found one locally, less than 10k miles for almost 20k, not bad deal so
    bought it right away, gas is not so good, but the car is so good, feel
    solid unlike chevy sibling

  8. Derail07

    I like how he said it is rare to rain in socal… and was “squirrely”
    Hahaha Iā€™m sure it was in one of the most polluted states in the
    nation…All that oil on the road turned the street into a skating rink
    when it rains… Lame

  9. Derail07

    I am looking to buy a 2011 Terrain. How is it holding up? Still good mpg’s?
    Any service issues?

  10. mbrwn25

    this vehicle is a great example of how the foreign companies are killing
    the USA. GM has zero debt when they built this, still bad turning radius,
    bad fuel economy, bad handling…..gm is driving once loyal customers to
    foreign brands….

  11. Peter Sia

    I love american cars. And i love Gm. We bought 1 with the 2.4 awd 2010 and
    it was great.

  12. Rick Turnage

    @76carmel 2.4 FWD with back up cam. I have the SLE-1. I have no use for
    heated seats and luggage rack.

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