Comparison Test: $25K Compact Crossover Shootout

These days everyone wants more mpg’s, and they want it now! Well, one segment that has responded with a host of new, fuel efficient vehicles is compact cross…
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25 thoughts on “Comparison Test: $25K Compact Crossover Shootout

  1. Charles allen jr

    It would have been interesting if the Toyota RAV4 would have come out when
    this test was done. The all new Nissan Rogue did come out until almost 2
    years later. Those two would have made it interesting.

  2. supercooled

    The Tuscon didn’t even make the top 5? I’m considering the Tuscon or the
    CX-5. MPGs are important but so is happiness of ownership and the thought
    of getting into the CRV sends shiver up my spine. That thing is not even
    qualified to be called ugly.

    I’m leaning the Tucson route because I’m driving an Accent right now but
    the CX-5 isn’t bad by any means. 

  3. Jonathan K.

    To me, a real SUV has to be on a truck frame. Anything else is a
    crossover. CR-V is Civic platform, for example. There really aren’t any
    small SUV’s on the market, no matter what the flaming libs at Consumer
    Reports call them. Just my opinion, don’t let it ruin your day. I agree
    the RAV4 at least should’ve been included, an excellent vehicle with a
    lockable AWD mode. I don’t believe the CR-V can be locked into any gear or
    AWD, maybe I’m wrong.

  4. SSH

    Khakis are no longer in fashion, and wearing them too big and too long was
    never in fashion. 

  5. prandomable

    how can you define the technical difference between crossover and a real
    original SUV??

  6. Obie327

    Hi, Thanks for posting the video. It’s a car and a truck to us. It has a
    comfortable and car like predictable road dynamics for every situation. We
    have the 2012 CRV AWD LX and love it! The All wheel drive system works as
    soon as we launch from dead start and deactivates rear wheel power after
    vehicle reaches third gear. It’s been through some really tough slippery
    snowy situations this season without any worries. We love are little truck!
    Gonna keep it for a very long time. Perfect!

  7. MrKikoboy

    I can live with the front end of any of these vehicles but not sure I could
    live with the rear end of the family tester…

  8. Sid Siddig

    If I was looking for a compact crossover I would get the Volkswagen Tiguan.
    Although it’s MPG is lower than all the crossovers shown, it’s 5 year total
    cost to own is not far from the others.

  9. k0de103

    The Equinox is both, due to that it seats can let you choose bigger car
    trunk or more leg space, so its a Compact and Midzise suv

  10. Cʟᴀᴜᴅíᴀ Zɪᴍᴍs

    The U.S has much stricter emission scales. And diesel burns dirty (in some
    cases) so gas is more popular.

  11. walkthepark

    i was in the market for these cars last month and i agree the cr-v is the
    best in this class. drove much much better than anything else in this class
    and comes well equipped if youre willing to pay ~1k premium for the honda
    than say a kia, its worth it. but if you are on a budget, go with the

  12. bingeessi

    i can live with the front end of the CR-V but the rear end could have used
    a better tweak. it gives it an unnecessarily tall look for a C-SUV.

  13. David Halifax

    The word ‘compact’ is so misleading as the Equinox is 13 inches longer than
    the Sportage.

  14. Ultimatemxcn

    Sportage could have probaby been optioned with a sunroof and still be
    cheaper than the crv and keep the only nav system in the group

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