2013 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport | New Crossover SUV Review | on Everyman Driver

2013 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport SE 4WD Review on Everyman Driver with Dave Erickson. Please visit http://www.everymandriver.com/ Support the EMD Team with a …
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25 thoughts on “2013 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport | New Crossover SUV Review | on Everyman Driver

  1. 63R01d

    Paddles on the steering column for me. Just like ferrari. Your not supposed
    to steer and shift. Select the right gear before making the turn. Also if
    they are on the wheel and the wheel is upside down, so will the be the
    paddles. Not good! 

  2. Mugwump Kwingwaage

    Buy one that is a year old. Depreciation hits Mitsubishi in the crotch.


    Yes, I understood from the review itself that this was your feeling. I just
    wonder whether a review should contain objective, factual information that
    enables potential buyers to compare cars (or any product) or subjective
    feelings. When it comes to the test drive everybody can make his/her own
    feel factor. Just count the world “feel” in your reviews. Whether or not a
    car can avoid an accident by accelerating is not subjected to feelings
    rather it depends on sheer facts. Just my two cents.

  4. y2kbug77

    My wife and I paid way too much for ours. But she loves it and I guess
    that’s all that matters.

  5. Ontae

    I think ALOT of reviewers (not just him) of mitsubishi products are biased
    just because its a Mitsu. I really believe that the perception of
    mitsubishi products could somewhat improve if reviewers didn’t speak so
    negatively about the vehicles but rather say positive things. Thats doesn’t
    mean lie but give their products a fair shake which doesn’t happen in my
    opinion most of the time.

  6. Christopher .WalkenPNW

    Mitsubishi’s look good on the exterior, but seem to fall flat on in every
    other category. In the JD power 2013 dependability results Mitsubishi was
    pretty much at the bottom (only dodge and land rover were worse).

  7. Revenger4pace

    Mitsubishi is so underrated in the US, I have an 2008 Outlander and I can’t
    be more satisfied with it, is so reliable (barely any issue since I bought
    it) good fuel economy for a V6, great ride and well equipped. But that’s
    true, Mitsubishi needs to step up even further to really be competitive in
    the market.

  8. Everyman Driver

    I’ll tell you what happened, I just double checked the original video… I
    messed up technically. The audio is strange because Alex’s microphone was
    turned off during his talking part but MINE was on… so that’s why you
    could hear me breathing. The same happened during my cargo segment, my mic
    was off but Alex’s was on. I had to play with the audio in the editing to
    make it work – Dave


    As a publisher you cannot hide behind “I do not remember” like comments. It
    is bad if you contradict yourself. I am not investigating just shopping for
    a car and turning to experts. Your credibility as a reviewer depends on
    your integrity. You may judge anything but as a reviewer have to apply the
    same rules to all cars you review. Otherwise people will suspect (I
    certainly do) other motivation in your work besides reporting. I like what
    you are doing just wish for more coherence. Best of luck.

  10. AWCAWD

    May feel slow but the facts speak differently. Motorweek’s testing revealed
    that the Outlander Sport accelerated 0 to 60 mph just as quick (9.5 s, see
    at 2:55 in their review) with the infamous CVT as the praised Mazda CX-5
    2WD with manual transmission (9.6 s, again see Motorweek’s upload at 2:32).
    The Subaru XV Crosstrek AWD also measured to be similar (9.8 s, see at
    4:33). It is funny how much abuse this car gets (against the facts).

  11. jsd5179

    How bout get rid of the paddle shifters – kinda silly since its cvt – no
    gears to go up or down.

  12. Steven sales

    The led lights around the roof look sweet at night. I like the paddles not
    to be on the wheel. The reviewers dont like this car, but yet everyone who
    has one loves it!

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